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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 6.3

Chapter 6

Part 3 (Three)

“I am not sick.” He looked at that medicine box.

“I know, but just in case if you having flu or fever, it better to prepare some, don’t let the small disease turned to be serious one! So whatever la, still better to have it at home.”

“You……….” Is she worries about him? A petite posture, but that big backpacker filled with so many types medicine, “Why are you so caring about me?”

“Ah? I, I just….” Suddenly her face blushing red, for moment she didn’t know what to say, “Perhaps…perhaps I mind too much things, as you said you are not sick, perhaps this medicine won’t be used by you.”

She hurried to put it back, but his hand moved faster and has stopped her. A strong force, but she could feel warm from her back hand.

“I like it.” Han Yue Yi walked one step to Feng Xiao Ling fronts, he bent lower his body, and make his eyes at same level of her.


“Hmm.” why even her happy expression could be so cute? A trace of shy smiles, makes he really wants to hide her, “Did I ever lie to you?”

It seems never. Feng Xiao Ling shook her head.

“Will you not afraid of me anymore in the future?” Han Yue Yi asked.

“I won’t be ever, anymore.” She was shown her determination expression.

“Even when I talk so close, like now?” He really gets closer to her, his nose tip even touched hers.

The warm breath, she could feel it. Actually she could even see her own reflection so clear in his pupil. Since she has determined that she should not afraid him anymore!

“Yes!” She shouted as answered for him.

“Even if I used my hand to caress you?” he asked with his deep voice, his hands slowly caress her face, her brows, her forehead, her nose tip, and to her lips. His fingers warm, stopped and her lips but continue touching her lip.


“Even though the physical contact?”


Without waiting her to react, he has turned her body to floor, two persons are already lying in floor surface.

“Even if like this, you won’t afraid me, right?” he put one of his arm to her head and another hand hold her waist.

Afraid is not, but the problem is the current situation is too ambiguous! Simply to say this is more alike lovers, “Mr. Han…”

“Did you forget again? Called me, Yue Yi.” He cut off her words.

“You acted this way, people can easily misunderstand!” She hurried say.

“Misunderstand what?”

“Shortly…ugh, we are not lover, boy and girl friend, we cannot do this!” She uses all her effort to finish her words.

“Is it?” Han Yue Yi murmured, he never thought about this kind of concept, a concept which there only boy friend and girl friend, lovers who able to do particular things? “You know, I am not what types of good person.” But strangely she not only said he is good person for once or two times but she has said countless.

Does she can’t see that, whatever he did only for her?

“But I always think you are really good person!” She said softly, “Not only a good person, but also very talented person.”


“Do you know? these few days all the song that you asked me to sing, all are really nice song!” all songs that he composed are freely based on his mood and style, no matter the intense, fast beat song or the slow romance song or the dance song, all the song are loved to listen by other people.

“Do you like song that I composed?”

“I like it, extremely love it!”

Really strange, it obviously only an ordinary praising, compare to others people who praising him with even more beautiful praised, he never has any feeling or kind of reaction. Only by her simple words, he is really happy.

He —————surreal falling in love with this stupid girl, more than a simple love, but he extremely loves her.

“Just praising more about me, I really like to hear it.” Han Yue Yi spoke softly in Feng Xiao Ling’s ears.

Hag? Though she feels his words kind of strange, but still she did as he told, “You are really awesome, in this young age you have been so succeed and have your own career, there are lots magazine and media which said you are such talented person, in Asia you are the most….”

Feng Xiao Ling keeps going to praise, whenever she sees Han Yue Yi’s beautiful face, she could see the different smile that he showed, the different smiles of him.

That is—–similar to—-little children smile. Compare to his normal arrogant smile this surely different. The current him, he looks alike different person.

He is so cute!

She even has thought in her mind. Although he is a man, no matter looked at any view, he is far from the cute types but for her, the current he is really cute in her eyes.

Ah, if she told Hui Hui and Ke Zhen about her thought, perhaps she might be their laughing stock.

“Say some more.” Han Yue Yi requested.

Alright, she say some more! Feng Xiao Ling keeps on continuing until she felt her saliva dried up.

While Han Yue Yi so calming listen to her.


Fifteen minutes later———

“Say some more. I like to hear what you said.”

“Is…is it?


Thirty minutes later————

“Is it enough?”

“Still not enough, I still want to hear more.”

“…………….” Should she still to continue?


One hour later———–

“I….I have done already.” As if she has talked about his entire life, from the garden matter to his experienced when going to abroad, she seems to tell him everything that she knew and she read from the company files about his profile and data, simply to say it enough to write biography for him, “will you allow me to have drink?”


“Hmm.” Her face blushing red, she has spitted her saliva for more almost an hour, it will strange if she not feeling thirsty.

Han Yue Yi stood up, he pouring water from dispenser and gave it to Feng Xiao Ling. She drank it so fast.

He quietly looking at her who still drinking, With very flat and faint intonation, he said: “Let’s we dating.”


She almost spitted out the water that she has already drank, even her mouth is covered with water stain.

“If we are dating, I can do this to you, right.” He leaning his body toward her and kissed her mouth that still covered with water.

Feng Xiao Ling is dumbstruck.

God! Did he just telling the funniest humor in the world?


4 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 6.3

  1. awww…… he asked her out! Yeah!! but they really have to solidify their relationship since she is very insecure…..
    thanks for the chapter!

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