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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 1.2

Chapter 1 Wang Ye’s Debut

Part 2 (Two)

Updated 2017

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Immediately I woke up, confused then stood up, screamed: “Arrived!”

It seemed the voice too loud and suddenly the entire class broke with laughing sound.

The teacher frowning: “This is the new transfer student, let him to have seat beside you.”

That time I has been sitting at last row because I was growing very well, little taller compare with others and fortunately my beside still have an empty seat, hurried I cleaned up all the rubbish in my next table’s drawer, the seed shell, the plums, and also the tissue paper which I used to clean my nose, moreover there still a big size poached egg, I couldn’t help anything about it since I have rhinitis, care no with three seven is twenty one1], still hurried cleaning all of the things, with the speed of light and then I scratched my head.

“Teacher, everything is done.”

The entire class was bursting with laugh again.

Then, he was walking toward me, looking at me, and then looked at the drawer which I just cleaned, suddenly he frowning, but said nothing, waiting until the class ended, he whispered to my ear, “Class leader, you seem to forget about taking away your personal private belonging.”

Personal private belonging?

Hurried I looked into his drawer.

Ugh…I forgot to take away my sanitary protection pads.

I hurried to take away that sanitary protection pads which wrapped in pinky packaging, wishing I could swallow it right into my stomach.

For the rest of day, I didn’t dare to look at him because I had embarrassed to death.

That day, he transferred into Shanghai Hong Qiao Junior High School, becoming my classmate and also sitting beside me.

Now, to call back the memories, this brat named Kang Yu with surname Ai Xin Jue Luo, he could be called as my life nemesis, because since the day I met him, all the shameful things that happened to me non-stopped, and one to others were more than outrageous, extremely humiliating, I really beg to God, Buddha, Avalokitesvara, I vowed, I always be smart child before I met him——absolutely.

At one blinked of eyes, only by a week after he transferred into my school, he had made friend with all the males’ classmate in my class. Perhaps because of his clear and bright northeast characters and also his royal descendant Manchu, the boys gave him nickname—Wang Ye.

This Wang Ye really was a joke for me.

It was lunch time, our school not really has any canteen, originally we had, however in order to expand the school teaching room it had demolished, leaving only the kitchen, inside there was steaming box, every day when we are arriving at school, our bento (lunch box) are put inside that steaming box, when noon arrived, we still could have our hot meals and it is really convenient.

My relation and fate with others are always good, inside the class the five top, all are my good friends and also—– always be friend from we were kindergarten until middle school, same class.

Their performance and grade always in top five, while I only have sixth, but not only that, inside the class all the cadres are my best fellow sisters. My own twin little sister and I weren’t at the same school because I registered into my mother’s family name while my little sister was taking my father’s. We were not at same area, so we were also took different school, anyway whether with her or not, it was still same, she loved to bully me.

Girls, like to sit at same table when having meals, while eating we were also chatting about dramas, the anime or cartoon, during that time, we haven’t had any gossip or infotainment these kind of shows, we were so innocent back then, three eight2] used the most as the military demarcation line, absolutely would not get turn to fail wear on our head (means San Ba in here not refer as gossip stuffs). The others advantage having lunch together was, giving those food we hate into others box and taking all the food we like from others box, kill two birds with one stone, but I am not picky with food and my eating pace also the fastest.

My mother said, I am types of person who speaks fast, eat fast, even when it comes about excreta (feces) also the fastest, it really true, but the very last one, I still have right to keep it because people still difficult to avoid encountering a constipation.

After all we were having lunch together, of course we should be sitting together, using and sharing the same table, so that my table always contribute out for it, initially when my table hadn’t occupied but, Kang Yu now has been sitting and sharing the table with me so the best thing I could do just asking him to get away, the reason was girls talk, boys not allowed to hear.

He didn’t have any objection; after all he had his own friends who were eating together with him.

One of my best friend, Xiao Fan, her full name is Fan Jun, she is very petite girl but she has very hot temper, so all of us called her little pepper (Xiao La Jiao)—–small, spicy, delicate, hihihihi, spicy to the point able to get choked, and her dishes for lunch all are very spicy, I like spicy, the food that her mother cooked is really superb.

Xu Ying is small eyes, born beautifully with curly hair, her grade always so well until now, I always believe she perhaps has chip inside her brain because she always gets first rank, but, she eats so slowly, I love to help her eating, if I didn’t do so, she might still eating after the noon class finished.

Liu Li Jun, from the appearance, could only consider as good-looking, but pair of eyes alike phoenix hanging, very similar to fox, so sometimes, I thought she so enchanting, kind of smiles, feeling so lively, maybe because she is the most funny one in our group.

Still, she is the person that I thought as super power girl because her highest position—- The group leader of the secretary league.

There were also twins, both have good-looking appearance, according to Xiao Fan, they are types that being courting from childhood, an identical twin, very identical, the big sister called Yu Wen Jing while the little sister called Li Wen Yi, we had been staying together for long time, so only by closed my eyes I could able differentiate which one is big sister and little sister, one is followed mother’s surname while another followed father’s surname.

As for me, to be honest, I have an ordinary look, but luckily I have very beautiful eyes, big and bright, unfortunately, this strong point is covered with thick glasses, I felt my soul alike crashing into window, distorted, bigger and beautiful but useless, grief!

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Note :

1] 三 San七 Qi 二 er 十 Shi 一 Yi : Three seven is Twenty one (idiom), the actual matter.
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2] 三 San 八 Ba : Nonsense (slang words), Three Eight parallel, border between North and South Korea or similar to US and Soviet zones.
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