Tw Drama :Be with You (好想談戀愛)


Dear Mom has ended last week and replaced by Be With You (好想談戀愛). So far airing till ep 4.

Tittle                : Be With You (好想談戀愛)
Airing time     : Monday – Friday

Synopsis :
Xia Man Li is a woman who reached thirties something, she was school belle but she does not have any luck when comes to romantic relationship, really want to get married but realizing there is no such important and urgency to have any romance-relationship, whenever she thought about her romantic-luck, she can’t resist to blame her childhood friend, Guo Ying Qian or perhaps something wrong with her surname (Xia) and met wrong “Adam(man refer to bible)”? why in her thirties she hasn’t met her Mr. Right? or because she has set high standard? or just like her grandma said, “Water person but no water luck”? when age reaching thirties something and still single, having reunion with old classmates are one of biggest torture, in that reunion she met her old classmate, Zhao Li Qi, who did not look alike Ajusshi, his character remain same as years ago when they were students, so warm and the most important he unmarried! two persons are have mutual feeling but having very vague relationship, so how things will continue!

When Heaven finally set them together, suddenly throwing one hot headed person to make troubles in her relationship~ Oh my God! Who You Want toy with!!!!!
While Xia Man An, she is younger sister of Xia Man Li. Man An has secretly be in love with Guo Ying Jie since she was little girl, this feeling has kept for more than ten years, persistent and stubborn. in order to prove her love and her persistent, loving Ying Jie, she studied hard for getting scholarship to chase Ying Jie who had studied overseas but unexpectedly after studied one year, Ying Jie came back to Taiwan!

Again and again she passed her opportunities~ Does she not have any fate with Ying Jie? the optimistic Man An tried her best and decided to come back from overseas, gather her courage to make confession but after she made confession, she later found out there is someone who already in Ying Jie side, so that, in this world, the story about prince and princess living happily ever after is not always happen to own-self. A love that never start but ended right after, how could she face? two persons who could not be lover, what best relationship they could be? Moreover, she sensed the person whom with Ying Jie kind strange,  Do they really loving each others and serious?

My thought:
Let’s talk about the actresses and actors. All are not newbie in Taiwan showbiz because they quite lots make appearance in some famous drama even not as the main lead. For example, Vivi Lee Wei Wei who first time I saw her in (in time with you – Bolin Chen & Ariel Lin). that her appearance really so little, I estimated less than five scenes perhaps. But, right after that, I spotted her in many popular Tw-drama and her appearance increasing, not as main cast but she also not minor, at least she got more and more scenes and I enjoyed watching her appearance.
Last time when I watched Lee, she was played in 30 fabulous along with Jennifer and Albee, for me her acting is acceptable, at least I still enjoying the show.
Then Dou Zhi Kong, he also played many dramas before. similar to Lee, he gets more and more scenes recently and in this drama he become main cast.

Chen Nai Song is considering as actor who stole the show, last time when watching ma mi de nan peng you, I put more attention to him rather than King one, even they were main cast along Cheryl Yang.
this is the second time I watched Huang Pei Jia (I even thought her as newbie) first time, I spotted her in DAAI drama. Can’t say so much about her.

first time spotted Serena Fang in summer desire with barbie hsu, I thought her acting acceptable so when she got role as main cast in Family Love along with Chris Wang, It something that I have predicted but I was so disappointed, that drama totally huge-mess at the end. Only Jack Lee and Amanda Zhou who were kept me to continue watching until I gave up in the middle, never want to watch it again 😦

Story plot (based on preview + synopsis)
It really interesting since it about searching, waiting, of love, finding someone who destined as Mr/Mrs Right…
The actors perhaps not the most handsome (at least for me) or eye candy alike Yan Ya Lun, George Hu, Mike He, or others who most of time played as main cast. Similar to the actresses, they perhaps not the most famous alike Ariel Lin (veteran in Showbiz China and Taiwan), Ady An, Rainie Yang, etc. but their acting are more than good.

I still need to watch more so I could give more information and thought about this new drama. Based on my experience watching SETTV drama, their daily drama not really bad and most of time drama about family much better compare to the story plot focus on love, romantic relationship. Example two fathers, dear mom.


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