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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 1.3

Chapter 1 Wang Ye Come on Stage

Part 3 (Three)

“Miao Miao why you are eating tomato scramble egg again!” Xiao Fan who saw me opened my lunch box with same dishes, her face showed disgust.

Oh, I have ate tomato scramble egg for weeks, indeed people who see it would feel sick, but I could not do anything, my mother is forensic investigator, every day she is busy with death bodies while my dear father is busy earning money, at home there is a little sister who is lazier than me, trying to do simple but also nutritious dish, only tomato scramble egg my option.

“If you feel like such way, you give me your rib dishes.” I stared at her lunch box, which containing meat.

“You are on purpose.” She said but still gave ribs for me.

This is so called best friend, I really moving and inside my heart I have thought, Xiao Fan, wait until I grew up, earning much money, I would repay your kindness, poor you, every time you give me your food, I caused you grow N longer time, you with 148cm height really one of good person.

Perhaps I have the thought, but still I ate the rib and almost choked of it, and deliberately taking others food into my own lunch box and eating it into my stomach, really have a good meal.

Tomato and egg as if the decoration in my white rice.

While eating, I saw Kang Yu and few of boys went out into field and playing football, until I heard someone said, “Wang Ye (Royal Highness) this time you being gate keepers.”

He replied hm.

Suddenly I felt curious, why they called him Wang Ye, this matter could not blame on me, I hard to remember people nickname, moreover there also time when I forget about people names, most of time I wrong in naming or calling others, especially for boys, most of them are calling each other with “wei”, when first day he transferred to school, teacher had introduced him but I had forgotten his name completely, so I had called him wei for more than weeks.

Hence, I was so foolish and said: “So his surname is Wang? Why called him Ye. Hm… I understand now he called Wang Ye, this name really heard so high level, no matter how I heard it, really own higher “status” compare to others, but why they don’t call him Wang Ye Ye, this much direct!”

As I finished with my words, I heard laughing voice, all my best friends began to burst laughing hilarious.

Perhaps I talked too loud, or maybe Kang Yu has very sharp ears, short after I finished, he glared at me, that eyes showed devil looked.

I blinked my eyes couple times, was I said something wrong? I looked at all my best fellow sisters and him, countless time.

And then, he walked toward me.

I lifted my head, ugh…his height such threatening.

He narrowed his eyes, I could see his throat moving and then the straightly said: “Class leader, there is rice in your face.”

Subconsciously I touched my face, my face really has rice, I stretched my tongue out and licked it, inserted the rice into my mouth. I could not waste foods because the farmer uncle labors hard and have put so much effort for it.

Well, if I tried to think again, my movement really similar to frog.

“Class leader….” He called.

What’s more, does my face still has rice, I touched it one more time, but nothing, I so palpitating with fear looking at him, while he looked at me with such intimidating glared.

“You…really blunt!” after he done, he turned his back, he walked out from the class, a person who name I did not know said, “Forget about it, even our names the class leader hard to memorized, as long as the man’s name, she would forget it right after she heard it, moreover it’s your…”

Waiting until they walked away, I just came to react, stared with wide-opened eyes, and then I vent angers to my best friends (fellow sisters) said, “He…. He… called me blunt!!!”

None of them were comforting me, but they were using kind of glance, looking at me—–you are really blunt.

What heck! What a heck!

“Miao Miao, he has been here for one week!” Xiao Fan said.

“You and he are sitting and sharing same table for a week!” Xu Ying said.

“Your ability to memorized things are really shocked to dumbfound.” Liu Li Jun said.

I frown, I was not understood what they said?

Xiao Shuang (Little pair) and Da Shuang (big pair) were taking out book from Kang Yu’s drawer, it covered two big words—-Kang Yu.

I stared for moment, “Is this his name?”

They were nodding and showed pitiful expression of my IQ.

I put dried laugh, they were also followed laugh—-very fake ones.

As the result, I memorized his name, for the first time, I have remembered a boy name, for me even the boys that have been at the same class since first year, none of them I remembered.

Waiting until the noon class ended, he came and sat down, I really wanted to say sorry to him, but after I thought he had called me blunt in front of my fellow sisters, I hard to forgive him, therefore, I pointed to the name of his book, “Your name are so old-fashioned.”

He used that frightening glance to stare at me.

But I felt there was pleasure of revenge feeling, so I not bother him.

Well, who knew that he replied, “Your name is more old fashion than mine!”

I fire up, “Kang Yu….” I called his name, I was preparing to curse him, but when our eyes met, I stared blank, froze, in his eyes I could see happy feeling radiance.

Why happy, did he happy because my name seems to be more old fashion than his?

Teacher came, I did not dare to burst curse words, so I looked at my own name.

Ugh…indeed so old fashion.

Huhuhuhuhu…..when studied in primary school was not really practice writing well, repent1], repent.

However, he and I have squabbled to certain points, he is my most hated person in my black list no 2, while no1 is all belong the people who are eating dog meat and killing dog.

Note :

1] 悔 hou 不 bu 当 dang 初 chu : to regret one’s past deeds (idiom)


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 1.3

  1. Oh so our male lead does most of the work for MM?
    MM seems a little … Ditsy and slow for my taste.
    Hope she smartens up 🙂
    Thx for the update!! 😀

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