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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 56


Annyong Fellow readers,

I have said for times and times that I will give and try my best to do better translation for my C-novel translation project so you will have better reading experience. Well, here Azurro is collaborating with Obsidian and CJ on translating substitute bride starting from this chapters 🙂
and also English proofreading by Apearlyview (you have seen her proof reading works on chapter 53 & 54 before)

Little Message 🙂
Obsidian : I’m happy to be working on this translation project and look forward to collaborating with Azurro. The Substitute Bride is the first book I read in Chinese which is set in ancient times. And since Chinese is not my first tongue, I hope my translations due justice to the story line and mood of the plot

CJ : Hello everyone! It is truly a great opportunity to be able to meet everyone through Azurro’s blog. I’ve been learning Chinese little by little because of Chinese literature, especially novels like Substitute Bride. As I was translating this chapter, I have found joy in knowing that hard work truly pays off.
Please look kindly to me in this translation collaboration. Let us all enjoy Substitute Bride! A whole bunch of thanks  Azurro!

Azurro : Thanks to Obsidian and CJ who are giving hands to help translating this substitute bride translation. Also Anna who had proofreading for while and Apearlview who is currently helping me even she might busy with her own translations.
If you have been following and reading my translation, I believe you will find out both Obsidian and CJ are translating more in order, better in grammatical structure than mine since both of them are English Native speaker XD XD XD (just laugh at my lacking, need to learn more ah~~)

Last but not least, have good day and please enjoy the translation 😀

Chapter 56 (translated by Obsidian and edited by Azurro)

Lotus Flower

 After an unknown amount of time, the carriage stopped.

Lifting open the curtain Long Mo Er looked at the scenery in front of her eyes, a lake spanning as far as the eye could see.

It was spring and an abundance of light pink flowers covered the sides of the lake extending as far as the eye could see. The flowers reflection in the water gave the lake an enchanting color.

 “Woah My Heaven! Is this real? Am I dreaming?” Long Mo Er blinked hard. She couldn’t believe the beautiful view in front of her eyes.

 “This exquisite scene exists outside of heaven?”

 “You’re not dreaming. This is SiXin Lake[1]. Ye Che responded, grinning ear to ear. “First, let’s get out of the carriage! I’ve arranged a banquet in that pavilion over there. You can rest and enjoy the lake scenery.”

 Infatuated with beautiful scenery her two eyes saw from the window, Long Mo Er obeyed and got out of the carriage. As soon as her feet were on the ground, her hands tussled with Ye Che. Letting go of his hands she ran toward the lake, she looked alike butterfly that piercing into the countless gap among of the woods, dancing lightly and gracefully in the middle of flowers.

 “Ye Che, how is it possible that the earth has a place this beautiful? I’ve never known a place as beauty as this before!” Turning her head toward him, she loudly shouted, she couldn’t stop her flitting laughter. “This place is soooo beautiful!”

 “Be careful you don’t trip!” Ye Che reminded her.

 Hearing her sweet laughter, Ye Che was already thoroughly smitten.

 Long Mo Er was a fairy dancing in the breeze. The sight deeply affected Ye Che’s heart. He had eyes only for her and didn’t see the beauty of this place. Without any effort on her part, he was deeply entrapped, unable to escape.

 He quietly stood by the lotus flowers admiring the fairy among the flowers. He was afraid to blink his eyes, concerned he might miss every expression on her face as she danced.

 “Why are you still standing there?” Long Mo Er ran back to Ye Che’s side.

 Ye Che blankly stood there not saying a word. He attentively watched Long Mo Er, his radiantly fervent eyes ardently gazing at her at a complete loss as to what to do. Suddenly Ye Che leaned toward Long Mo Er. His body radiating masculinity; her heart beat faster. Her palms were sweating.

 Could it be? Could it be that he toward her …?

 Long Mo Er felt the heat of her whole body fill her head. Seeing Ye Che coming closer and closer to her, she nervously closed her eyes.

 One second, two seconds, three seconds…

 Without any idea of what might happen, her hair seemed to move. Long Mo Er slowly opened one eye. It seemed that Ye Che was smiling. Thinking she might see wrongly, she opened her other eye and saw Ye Che’s face had a huge smile.

 “I saw that your hair had some flower petals in it. I wanted to help you take them out. That’s all. What did you think I was going to do?” As he explained, Ye Che wiped off the pink flower petal in his palm, showing his smiling face.

 Regarding her nervous and tightly closed her eyes were really interesting.

 “There’s a person waiting for us in the pavilion! Let’s go!”

 Ye Che turned around. Humiliated, Long Mo Er exerted all her strength to cover her beet red face. A soft apprehensive voice muttered, “Long Mo Er, how could you think of such a thing? …Totally humiliating.”

 This moment, she really wanted to dig a hole and jump into it.

 “Miss, is something happen? Why look so strange?” Lu Qun was on the side and kept on looking at Long Mo Er who making strange movement, While Long Mo Er didn’t hear her.

 “It’s nothing!” Long Mo Er felt disgruntled.

 This really was too embarrassing. How could she have the nerve to talk about it!

 “Hurry up!” Ye Che shouted without turning around.

 “Oh, I’m coming!” Long Mo Er replied.

 “Anyhow, he doesn’t know what I was thinking a moment ago. My face was so red! I’ll pretend nothing happened… that will work!” Long Mo Er reassured herself and followed, trying to catch up to him.


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