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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 1.4


Chapter 1 Wang Ye Come on Stage

Last Part

Less than one month, he has changed position to the no 1.

All because I was experiencing something that so embarrassing, moreover this time extremely shameful things if I flashed things back, I thought I should dig hole and jump in, better off.

That time was Friday and routine cleaning, I was responsible for sweeping floor, while Kang Yu was assigned a same job with me, basically this types of stuffs just perfunctory only, taking a broom leisurely sweep more than fine, anyway the floor was already dirty, as long as the chalk stain on the blackboard surface are cleaned, teacher won’t pay attention to others.

But that day, my best friend2] was coming, it was during lunch time after I had popsicle (ice lolly), I felt my stomach so in pain, but I was class leader so I should be the role model, I could not gave an order to ask other do it for me, I should be composed~~~ composed~


Aiyooo~~~it really extremely hurt.

I had cold sweat, my hand has already shivered grabbing the broom, being woman really pity, every month should bleeding much blood, the new replace the old3] is fine, but why should it should pain so much, the second day, the tendency was frightening, I have almost divulge, so pathetic, please not tormenting me anymore.

I was secretly praying for my monthly best friend quickly stops, so I could finish sweeping, immediately I took the cotton padded to enshrine and worship to You, also molasses, and also jujube, and also….

It pained me to death!! My face felt as if twisted together.

At that moment, Kang Yu took the dust pan and walked toward me, I raised my head, pretending nothing happen and laughed, “Are you finished sweeping?”

He nodded, he examined me closely, “Are okay?”

I hurried swaying my head, stood straightly, “Nothing, I am extremely fine.” Unspoken things I meant: slob, go away, go away!

I took the broom and really serious when sweeping the floor, sweeping to the level fly upward.

“Do you feel unwell?” He was still asking at my back.

“Nothing!” unspoken speech: good your fart, because in front of you, I could not say things.

I have strong and stubborn characters, especially in front of man, even I had be hit till death, I would never shown my weakness.

Therefore, he was walking in front of me, perhaps because I bend down my waist, he could not see my face, so that he lower his body at same level of mine, I did not want to show myself that enduring the pain, endured until gritting my teeth and biting my mouth, suddenly when turned back, accidentally stepped on dust pan, crooked the angle, then felt down.

Felt down then just felt down but the problem I was wearing skirt, lying on the floor surface really not graceful, pair of legs were opened, directly facing him, the skirt flipped over, I didn’t pay attention, until I sensed little bit cool.

Until when I got my focus, everything was late, the things that should not leak had leaked—–including the yellow panty and the small circle of red spot.

My brain seems be empty, I forgot to crawl and stand up, or just flipped back my skirt, or just closed my legs, but I just dumbfounded looking at him.

Tomato scramble eggs——this perhaps the only word that I could say to describe things.

Merely after seeing, he finished enjoyed , he also stupidly looking at me, and then his cheeks turned red, and then his ears turned red, all over his face turned red, suddenly he stood up and turned back.

Me, I didn’t do things to react, I was completely screwed up.

Pain, I did not feel it anymore, the rest only awkward.

Awkward to the point that I wanted to faint immediately…..

I heard Xiao Fan calling voice, Xiao Shuang and Da Shuang screaming, and also the others fellow sisters screaming voices, but I could not give any reaction, I even thought if much better if I did not need to awake.

And then, I won’t ever want to eat tomato scrambled egg anymore.

And also, KangYu glorious glanced finally ascended him to be the most hated person no 1 in my black list, in my life I don’t think there would be others to replace him in the list.


God, please you allowed me to die!!!

Note :

2] 好 hao朋 peng 友 you : Best friend (slang) menstruation

3] 新 Xin陈 chen 代 dai谢xie : the new replace the old (idiom), metabolism (biology)


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 1.4

  1. that must have been super embarrassing!
    maybe kang yu felt responsible and decided to marry her for this??
    haha…..just joking 😛

  2. I feel bad for her… it’s one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to a girl!!!!
    I wonder how Kang Yu will react?
    thx for the update!!

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