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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 57


Chapter 57 (translated by CJ and edited by Azurro)

Xi Yan Gong Zi1]

When she arrived at pavilion, Long Mo Er noticed there was someone inside. In the middle of the pavilion there was a big table filled with food and wine.

The person who is sitting at back of the table smiled at her and Ye Che when they are approaching him.

Long Mo Er is examining him. He appears to be same as Ye Che. His showed smiling eyes, he has a tall and straight nose. His lips lifted up and make arc, they are moist and glossy. Comparing to him, Ye Che appears somewhat resolute and grim, while this man is more warm and easily to approach.

This is the person whom Ye Che said as his friend! So that those words about outrageous good looking person also be friend with same handsome person! Long Mo Er thought.

Ye Che hinted her to sit down, poured tea for her, using his fingers to point the man who sat in front of them and said: “Haven’t you always wanted to know and meet my friend? This person is known as Xi Yan Gong Zi. During this time, he was not at home, that’s why you never seen him. Otherwise, he would probably always show up in Ye’s residence.”

This is the first time Long Mo Er heard Ye Che spoke such witty, simply to say she quite surprised! Is this because of Xi Yan Gong Zi’s charms? Or does he have something special on him? Long Mo Er can’t help but glancing towards Xi Yan Gong Zi for more few times.

“Xi Yan Gong Zi? Little sister Wan Er, please don’t listen to his nonsense. What Xi Yan or not Xi Yan, what an awful name to hear! My name is Gu Na Yan. A name that elegant and nice to hear! Little sister you can call me Big Brother Gu or Big Brother Na Yan, all is fine. Ye Che this brat and I, since we were kids we likely to fight until we grow up and even we often got into fight, more we fight better our relationship become. So, Little sister after we met, don’t regard me as outsider, I don’t have sister in my family, I have heard about before, now after I met you, this is really good! Finally I have a younger sister. My house is just two streets from Ye’s Residence. Just come and see me if there something need my help. You are most welcomed to visit my house anytime.” Gu Na Yan said Enthusiastic.

Yesterday when he just came back home, he had heard news about Ye Che got married, it did made him scared out of wits! He really wanted to know how things happen, he wanted to meet him face to face. Initially he thought the meeting would go as usually they had, only both of them but turned out Ye Che also brought cute little sister along with him.

Looking from distance, seeing Ye Che and her acting so lovely-dovely, he guessed she might that legendary Long Wan Er. The carefree Ye Che has already married, this is really unexpected by him, moreover he could tell that Ye Che marriage life barely satisfactory, at last it still resulting him to extremely surprised!

Without doubt, there must be lot of things happen others than these which he does not know, or else how could this beautiful lovely little sister able to move that heart which as hard as stone!

“Little Sister, Do I look fiends to you? How come you are not talking and you just staring at me? Am I looked weird to you?” This is the first time for Xin Yan Gong Zi who has been talking all the times and being ignored by girl, usually his beautiful good looking face has always succeed to make any girl fallen for him, but how could this time, this is totally not working to her? The thought scared Gu Na Yan.

“Oh, nothing! Big Brother Na Yan, I just realized the way you speak is little bit similar to Ye Ding!

“What?” Gu Na Yan exclaimed.

“Ye Ding? How is that brat could compare to me?” He felt little depressed. He really does not understand how the way Long Mo Er ways to see something. She takes Ye Ding as comparison toward him.

“Big Brother Na Yan, Ye Ding is very good! Everyone likes him! He is also very considerable person!” Long Mo Er just not understood why Gu Na Yan still dissatisfied.

“So, Little Sister means am I also likes by everyone? And does little sister also like me?” Once Gu Na Yan heard she said, he is so excited and moving straight closer to Long Mo Er’s side, sitting beside her.

Long Mo Er nodded, this is the first time for her to encounter someone so enthusiast.

“Big Brother Na Yan, Ye Che is a difficult person to be approached and how can both of you become good friends?” Long Mo Er whispered to Gu Na Yan’s ear, her voice echoing her confusion.

Gu Na Yan laughed loud after he heard it, he threw glance at Ye Che’s side that showed very opposite expression to Gu Na Yan’s mood, this even got Gu Na Yan mood better. It is because he able to see rare expression showed by Ye Che! Gu Na Yan absolutely would not let this opportunity slips easily for teasing Ye Che. Beside enjoying Ye Che’s expression, He moved and whispering to Long Mo Er’s ear: “He is not hard to approach, he just does not know how to act in front of the person he likes. So that he pretends to act cold for getting the attention from person he likes.”

The person he likes? Long Mo Er’s heart started to beat wildly after she heard those words. She does not know how much she could believe on Gu Na Yan’s words, but still it makes Long Mo Er face blushing and she keeps lower her head down.

1] 戏 Xi 言 Yan 公 Gong 子 Zi : 戏言 Xi Yan means Joke or prankster while 公子 Gong Zi means young master.


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  1. Haiyaa.. I’m blushing wkwkwk
    Can’t wait to see his (ye zhe) action towards his friend tease . Wkwkwkk
    Gu na yan gu na yan…
    I can’t wait to see the next chapter..
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