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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 6.4


Chapter 6
Part 4 (Four)

Translated by Azurro and proofreading by Rachel

It is not the first time for Dong Ai Min to shoot a MV, but even an experienced person still could feel nervous and blushing after shooting the MV.

In the makeup room, Dong Ai Min glanced at the person, who just finished having makeup and changing clothes. sitting and leaning in sofa with closed eyes while his hands enveloped his own chest. Han Yue Yi, he did not even showed any nervous gesture or feeling, perhaps he completely not care for the success or failure of the MV.

“Miss Dong, is this okay?” The makeup artist asked.

“It’s fine.” Dong Ai Min looked at the youthful face that reflected in the mirror, nodding undoubtedly, makeup is really mystical stuffs, because of it, someone could be looked much younger than their real age.

“I still need to read some scenes in my script, you can take your leave.”


When the makeup artist left the room, Dong Ai Min did not take the script which beside her but she stoop up and turned to Han Yue Yi’s side.

The sleeping him, the beautiful and good looking face able to make people startled. Those sexy lips, what would it feel like to kiss them?

Her fingers, she unable to be restrained, reach out, she wants…she really wants to touch and feel the warmness of his lips….

“I don’t allow you to touch me.” Suddenly the cold voice surprised her.

“Are you awake?”

“Or perhaps you wish me to break your fingers?” His eyes, as if piercing, looking at her fingers that almost touch him.

“Don’t, Don’t joke.” Dong Ai Min said, forcing herself to smile.

“I don’t have any interest to joke with you. Perhaps, I really need to break your fingers then you will come to understand that I am not joking with you.”

His cold eyes and uncaring voice, He———really serious! Suddenly Dong Ai Min got an idea, she withdraw her fingers reflex-like to her chest.

The atmosphere seems changed to be intense.

She is trying to find topic so he might feel interested on her.

“Mr. Han, for these few days shooting MV, you’re acting as the angel is really good.” Dong Ai Min said.

“So what?”

“Even me, who obviously knows that it merely an acting, but it still gives me goose bumps.”

“……………..” Boring, he only needs Ling who is able to move his heart.

“May I know, does Mr. Han already has girl friend or not?”

“Does it matter to you?”

“Today we will be having a kissing scene, if you already have a girl friend, I’m afraid she might mind of it.” She said.

“Kissing?” He did not remember there was kissing scene in the script.

“It was added by Director.”

“If this MV really needs a kissing scene, then just kiss.” He said with flat expression.

“Are you willing?” She asked happily.

Really strange thing!

Han Yue Yi looked lazily, why should he be unwilling to do it? For him, this is just part of work, while the kiss scene is purely because of the job.

He just needs to lower his head little bit, touching the other party’s lips, that’s all. It is really a very easy thing to do.


Dating? Dating? are she and Han Yue Yi dating? Come on! No matter how hard she thought about it, she is never able to imagine dating him.

Blue sky, clear and bright which is able to lift people’s burdens, blooming flowers which are like white silky cotton, those are really able to give this kind of indescribable feeling. The warm sunshine radiating in the wide green lawn, not far from there are tall trees which standing proudly, the glossy dark green leaves under the sun shine…..

Feng Xiao Ling squatted in the green lawn, in front of her there is beautiful scenery that gives her great emotional vibes.

Since when did she turn out to be so sentimental?

“Xiao Ling, you’re still staying here? Soon the shooting will start. If you are late, when the time comes, The Director and all the people in this company would come looking for you.” Said Hua Jie who is walking closer to her.

“I understand.” She helplessly stood up. Of course, the Director will be searching her because if she is not in the shooting place, Han Yue Yi won’t start the shooting.

Both of them walk side by side to the shooting location.

“You look like you have problems.” Hua Jie suddenly asked after a few steps.

“How do you know?” Surprised she asking.

“Of course I knew it. Because you face is clearly written that you are having problems, right?”

The troublesome things…ugh just consider as true.

“Hua Jie, the boy and the girl are dating, is it because they want to do something more intimate?”

“Do something more intimate? what do you mean?”

“Such as…hugging, touching or perhaps….kissing.”

“How can you think that way? I think most of time the reason a man is dating a woman is because he loves that woman, so they are dating but there is also the a case when man can do it even without love.”

Love? Does all the things that Han Yue Yi do for her because he loves her? Feng Xiao Ling said to herself and then she flung her head. She is sitting beside the Director, looking at the MV shooting location, but still she is thinking about the matter.

Strangely, once she thought about the possibility Han Yue Yi might love her, she really felt happy.

Oh God, she must have a delusional disorder! in her mind, she imagined so many scenes about he has gone to many places, in his surrounded perhaps there are lot of beautiful women who willingly come into his embrace. what kind of beauty has he never seen, so how could she expect him to fall in live with her?

So that———–Perhaps she was just someone to chase out his boredom.

So that———– whatever he said, there was nothing special and meaningful.

“Well, the next scene is kissing, I wish both of you cultivate your feelings for the next scene.” Director Qi Yue is walking in front of Han Yue Yi and Dong Ai Min.

“There is no need to cultivate any feelings, just straightly shoot the MV’s scene.” Han Yue Yi said impatiently.

“Of course, I don’t have any problem.” Nervously Dong Ai Min said, she has thought about this scene for long time.

“Well, just continue then.” Since both the actor and actress already said so, he didn’t have any objections about feelings.

“Han, do you really want to shoot the kiss scene?” Finally Sai Ye spoke out.

“It’s only a kiss scene, not a big deal.” Han Yue Yi said as if that really not a big matter.

“……………………..” Sai Ye was speechless and then he turned to look at Feng Xiao Ling who stare blankly, and sitting not far from him. Really it does not matter? just hoping so. Taking a deep breathe, he walked over, patting her shoulder, “Be reassured, it is only a kissing scene.”

“I….I know.” Feng Xiao Ling looked at Sai Ye

“Red Desire MV also had many kissing scenes, this scene, it must be turned out to be very good too.” Initially she didn’t mean to say anything but what she wants to say…. she wants to say…..

The lights begin to dim, the shooting location suddenly turned be silent. A young girl is lying under the tree, she is sleeping, while the angel is gently walking close to her, staring to the young girl. He needs to love many things, his love is unconditionally limited to human’s love, these things he understood, but he could not restrain and suppress desires deep in his heart.

Therefore, he cast a magic spell, letting the young girl sleep deeply this moment, so he could kiss her lips, his movement, his gestures, all of that as if telling others, he has desired for this young girl.

Suddenly her heart felt as if seized up, Feng Xiao Ling’s pair of hands tightly grabbed her collar, as if there is a big stone pressed on her chest, which makes it difficult for her to breathe.

Very strange, she even can feel so sad, as if her heart is in pain because of being stabbed by something, very hurt and uncomfortable which makes her wanted to cry.

why she feels like this? It is nothing more than a simple kissing scene. she had seen it before in the red desire MV but, at that time she didn’t feel this kind of crying feeling, suffocated. but now she really felt it.

Or is it because, because she likes Han Yue Yi? Because she likes him, she loves him, so she didn’t want to see him to kiss other girl?

she loves Han Yue Yi!

Is it love? if it is not, why would she feel such uncomfortable?

“Cut! Ok!” The Director is really satisfied with the scene.

Han Yue Yi straightly stood up, heading to Feng Xiao Ling in front, “What happened? why is your face so pale?”

“No…nothing.” She hurried, nodding her head.

He wants to stretch out his hand and pull her to his side but she is avoiding him.

Her shoulders are hunched, her face is still pale and even showing crying expression.

Damn! She still afraid of him! Han Yue Yi is pissed off, his heart is flaming.

Yesterday, clearly she told him that she would not be afraid of him anymore, but now, she is still the same!

He bites his lips, very unhappy, once again stretching out his hand, “You————–“

“I…..I want to go to toilet!” She turned her back, moving hurriedly to avoid his hand.

His eyes stared sharp into her back, while his nails embedded into his palms.


8 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 6.4

  1. While the girl is so naive, we also have a guy who is so insensitive. Tsk tsk. How are they gonna make up now?

    1. Feng Xiao Ling is simple girl who think herself so ordinary and because of that, never come across to her mind someone “wonderful” like Han would like her.
      Not alike Dong Ai Min who is so confident and think high of herself, believing Han is the perfect criteria to fit with herself.
      Xiao Ling tries to be realistic, Cinderella story would never happen to her-ordinary-self so, better for her not to put high hopes.
      While Han is insensitive man. there is no use to throw any signal or hint because he never gets it. Being straight forward is one key so he can understand.

  2. Hi thanks for the update. Can I ask when the next chapter will be available. I have been checking a few times a day Can can not wait any more😢

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