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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 2.1

Chapter 2

Pee Pee1] incident

Tomato scrambled egg” after this incident, for more than two months I had to hide whenever I met Kang Yu, during the class, I just stared my books, straight looking at there, I did not dare to look at him.

Because seeing him, I suddenly turned to be awkward, I, who was in puberty, I could feel my innocent had completely destroyed, and feeling so ashamed to meet people.

While Kang Yu acted as if nothing happen, he had forgotten this matter earlier.

Hence, I thought things had passed for such long time, I thought it not needs to keep it on my heart anymore, just thought it as one of the worsen nightmare.

Hiks hiks, I felt this kind of thought was good idea, shortly after I felt more relax.

Things came ups!

In the afternoon when I having my lunch, I was so excited2] going to canteen and took my lunch box, right after I was turned to corner, suddenly I was hit someone’s head which was Kang Yu.

When the time I knew that he was the person, my moods immediately sink down, although I had tried to manage my mind to get over, but after met the real person, I still felt embarrassed.

I am type of strong person, I swayed my head and kept on walking, perhaps turned my back and jumped, this kind of things I could not do it, therefore I did something impudent, lifting my leg and kicked him.

Kang Yu did not expect I would do such things, after being kicked, he muffled.

After kicked the person, I even yelled, “Get out!”

Kang Yu stuffed after being kicked and yelled by me.

He didn’t let me to pass, so I stubborn pushed him, and then I dashed out with high spirit.

Huff, no other way, I3] am types of this person.

Until I walked quite far, finally I dared to take a glance at him, even I used one leg to kick him but I put all my strength, it seems I was not kicked him till injured, but realized Kang Yu had already at my back.

His expression was darker compare to Justice Bao4] really ugly.

Once our eyes met, I was scared and run away.

I was running and unexpectedly he was chasing right at my behind.

I was scared unable to figure out, as it turned out he might want to take revenge, so that I put more effort and strength to run faster, but he also kept on chasing me, those people who saw us might think we were crazy, one at front while another at back were running and chasing at sport field.

Run and run, laps by laps.

Those people who didn’t know what was going on might be thought we were practicing for 400m spirited run.

Initially I run very well, but gradually the endurance level has came to the end, barely run motionless, turned back Kang Yu almost chased after me.

At this moment, I got alarmed, starting to get emotional, shouting while running, “Anyone comes and help me, murder, Kang Yu hit girl!!!”

Finished shouting, Kang Yu caught up on me, he patting my shoulder.

I shocked and jumped, turned around and kicked him again.

Kang Yu seems to have predicted, he dodged and then he caught my hand, forcing me to stop.

I have no other choice but stopped, I did really think he might hit me, loosen my hand, quickly squatting to the ground, embraced head.

But waiting until half day, he didn’t do anything.

I moved my hand, raised my head, seeing him frowning and glaring at me, “Who said I want to hit you? I don’t hit girl.”

“So, why did you chase after me?”

“So, why were you running?”

Nonsense, I kicked you, was I not suppose to run?

But I really found it embarrassing to say sorry, so I just said, “I exercise, can’t I?

Well, I just seek for reason, just now I even shouting he killed and hit but now I reneged.

He seems to be too lazy to argue with me and then he said, “I have something to tell you.”

“Oh! You can tell me now.” I squatted on the ground and gave respond.

He made ckckck sound before, when I squatting he also crouched down, and then said, “That….. actually that day I did not see anything.”

Saw nothing? I haven’t given any respond, wait until I able to react, I recalled, his face that beet red alike monkey butt, “You spouted nonsense, you clearly…. Or else how could your face turned red?”

He was caught by my words, he scratching his head, his face also turned red.

“Well, you don’t need to waste time anymore, even if, I have been seen, you are not less any meat.”

Does…does…does this could even consider as comforting?

“Just think that I really sorry for you, you had kicked me, so we called it even.”

I did not dare to say couldn’t, if now I rethink, he didn’t intend to, but because I was so angry so I vent on him, well, no matter how to say I was wrong, I even kicked him, talked about victim, he was also the victim.

But I am girl, in my puberty period when I understand about difference between men and women, experiencing embarrassing incident, I felt bad for myself, no matter how to think of it, he was the person benefit at my expense.

But entangled with this kind of incident, unexpectedly I turned to be narrow-minded person.

After all he had apologized; this thing I should just let it go.

“I didn’t injure you, right.” Things need to be concerned still necessary.

He nodded, “The cloth quite thick, never mind.”

“So…so…just let it be!” I stood up. I had run for long time, I have hungry already, I go for lunch!”

I walked to canteen, Kang Yu followed at my back.

“Why are you following me?”

Kang Yu glared at me, “You want to eat, so do I no need to eat? Who has caused me running while I haven’t have my food and hungry?”

I shrink my neck, nagging in my heart, who asked you to chase after me.

After we got our lunch box, both of us came back to class, the noon class would start immediately, those fellow sisters had already finished eating, no one companied me, so I just got back to my own seat and together having lunch with Kang Yu.


1] 嘘 Xu嘘 xu 事 shi件 jian : 嘘嘘 is feminine slang/sound for kids when they are going to pee.

2] 蹦 beng蹦 beng 跳 tiao 跳tiao : bouncing and vivacious, excited

3] 老 Lao娘 Niang: my old mother, I (slang), midwife

4] 包 Bao公 Gong : Justice Bao, the legendary and respected as the symbol of justice in China


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