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Chit Chat : Give Back My Freedom ^-^


Ah~ here come the chit chat session, XD XD XD XD

Been while for the chit chat post, I had felt very pressured for few days that’s why the translation project almost abandon. Hiks hiks. hiks (T^T)

About three weeks ago, I sent job application letter to one big company. I never expected to get the job since there are lots of competitors who wanted to work at that company. I was being called ten days after the letter sent out. I did the IQ test and many others test on the first day (I had been there for half day) then second called was came after four days. I was interviewed by three different interviewers on the second meeting. That was my first time being interviewed by so many times with different people when applied for job.

I quite surprised when the last interviewer said I was welcomed to join the company and could start working whenever I felt comfortable, so I decided to join on last week. To be honest, I felt like dream, since there was another person who was more qualified than me applied job too. He was graduated from well-known university in Singapore.

My first day was extremely boring, I almost do nothing except read manual book about the job description. The working place is so nice but intense, the atmosphere so heavy as if when you are entering the room, you could feel unseen burden on your shoulders.

Second day was still same even more intense but I managed to adapt very fast, so I already be friends with half of those in room. The people quite nice but the job seems never ends.

Third days, I got real job. I was practicing while working. the senior staffs are nice people who willing to teach me but I afraid they would not be patience to guide me. They are busying with their own work so whenever I wanted to ask them, I should carefully to list down my problems.

Fourth day was the scariest days.
The big boss of the room finally coming to office after took leave for while. To be honest, the big boss isn’t looked scary but she has kind of atmosphere that able to shut people mouth or makes someone lost gut to speak with hers even when she is asking something, we need to think very careful to answer or…. good things wouldn’t easy to happen.

I still try my best to deal with this type of person. From my past experienced, in order to be safe in workplace, leaving good impression to the superiors are way to have peaceful working life because if they are not happy with you as the subordinate, then working life would feel as if dome. sometimes there are types of superiors who love to find troubles, then the types who ignorant and leave the problems onto your hands and also the soft superior who easy to bully but most of time first types of superiors are more common in big company work place.

My freedom is taken away….

There was no regret, at least I had tried my best.
When I said that I want to life to my fullest, being honest to myself and others both in words and deeds. I really ensure to keep my promise.

Today, when I was in office room, I got soft-scold by the supervisor. Usually I would talk back but I tried to control myself, since I didn’t feel any wrong with my work but still, the person is supervisor, someone higher in position than mine. So, I just silent and smile. Since I decided to keep my promise to live to the fullest, why should I matter much about getting scold. Well, rather than put unhappy face or gloomy expression, better to smile and cherish life, at least I still have job which make me able to earn for my living 🙂

I learn to be cleverer, I don’t want my mood ease to get affected by others. if they give positive vibes, most welcomed but if they send negative vibes, better I ignore so that I could live longer XD

I will be extremely busy, the translation project will get slower. Please don’t mind, I will tried to make the translation able at least three times a week or two every Sunday or Monday 😉

Just leave your comment as usual, I will reply it every time I have time.



6 thoughts on “Chit Chat : Give Back My Freedom ^-^

  1. good job! you got your dream job! 😉
    don’t feel too pressured- just do your best and we, the followers. will be cheering for you!! 🙂
    no worries about the slower translation updates, as long you’re still here it’s fine…. 🙂

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