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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 3

Chapter 3

Standing Punishment

I never knew how I able to go home, did I wear my pant properly and then I went home? Or I didn’t wear pant and just running back home? Was there any difference, whatever it was, I had been seen, so whether I wore or not wore, would it be matter?

So humiliating, early had been humiliated my grandmothers’ mother and mothers1].

Once I arrived at home, I dashed directly into second floor, got into my own room, lying at my bed, rolling from my bed to floor surface, and then I started over and over again.

I felt my life has already at the edge of end.

That was my karma retribution, if I had not kicked him, and then I should never had awkward and also experienced such humiliating thing.

I was so regretted till I could feel my intestines perhaps turned pale.

I kept on rolling and rolling, kept on sleeping, and kept on crying until my bed wet with tears.

Suddenly I thought, what day would the next day, did I need to go to school or not? I took glance to the calendar, I cried even fierce.

Tomorrow is Friday, since it is Friday then it would be the most evil Friday, ahahhhhhhhhhhahh!!!

What should I do? How and could I have face to meet Kang Yu?

Perhaps, I should hurry get out, searching a street, standing in the middle, and then waiting for car to crash me….I could feel this idea really good, in order to get the instant result!

But, I don’t have that guts….

At this moment, my room’s door is pushed gently, a big and black German shepherd walking in, my dad and I are petting it, every day we give him chicken as food, so it is stronger compare to the common others German shepherd breed, the black color mixed with ashy color are so murky, once every week it should be take a bath, so that it fur so shiny, the neck hair is thick, it similar as if being wrapped by scarf. It has stands hanging ears, it looked at me from back of the head, looking that I rolling in floor, it seemed so excited and barking few times.

I don’t intend to respond to it, stood up, waving one hand, what I meant, your master no mood so better you play by yourself.

Perhaps I have spoiled it too much, I ignored it, so that it become crazier, lift forelimb, rush toward me.

My God, it has more than 100kgs, pressed onto my lungs and air gone, it also considered me as lollipop, keep on licking me, later on, my face wet of its saliva.

“Cai Xi2], move away, move away!!” I used hand to push it.

At that time if petting dog, named it as Cai Xi something so common, the reason because a movie that title Lassie. Everyone wants to have dog similar like Lassie, unchangeable in memory, everyone likes to call their dog Lassie and I am not the exception.

Cai Xi so naughty, always considering me as it toys, very energetic, licking me even harder, I was licked so itchy by it, finally I could not restrain myself to laugh.

It became more excited, it waging its tail.

I could not hold back, so I gave him an order, “Cai Xi, Sit.”

German shepherd is highest selected as dog breed used by police, have high intelligence, as long as you have patience, it could learn anything, only by give one time order, it could sit straight, stretch tongue, ha ha heavily breathing.

At the moment I felt my body lighter, my body became more relax, sat up, I looked at it.

I always thought that our Cai Xi must be type of the most handsome dog, his eyes, apricot shape, bronze-colored, his eyes bright and piercing, in twilight coldness, nose would wet, black and shiny, all over is gallant and full of vigor.

I so satisfied and then patting its head, “Very good, good.”

“Wang Wang (barking voice)!” it barked as replied.

Being spoiled by it, immediately I discard my previous stupid idea to look for car on the road in order crashing me, pinching and playing with its chin that plump of meat, it felt comfortable so sounded huh u, occasionally exposed its teeth and chewed my hand, it not hurt because we were playing, but truth it has really sharp teeth. When I was in primary school, I ever been bitten by dog, but not the dog fault, it was because I was playing with it tail so that not it fault.

I am type of person who loves dog so much, I never afraid to bite by them, the reason dogs are biting if not rabies, so it might nothing more than self-defense. Biting and biting then become habit, others than, if dog randomly biting people, it also not dog fault but the master fault because cannot teach the dog well.

So that, seeing its teeth that white and shiny, I never feel afraid even for little bit, on the contrary my brain suddenly flashing very brilliant idea.

I put my soft and white hand into Cai Xi’s mouth and said toward it, “Cai Xi, come, come and bite me.”

At this moment, I felt I am such genius.

Cai Xi crocked its head little bit, looked at me, produce barking sound, clearly it did not understand the phrase command.

“Come, faster bite, this is fresh flesh trotters.” I was moving my hand in front of it.

It waging and waging its tail, it eyes bright as if shown that it understood, opened wide it mouth…

I became excited.

Note :

1] 姥Lao姥 Lao : Maternal Grand mother

2] 莱 cai西 Xi : Lassie, popular movie of dog named lassie.


3 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 3

  1. Wow, she is so…. Desperate to the point where she doesn’t mind being bitten by a dog?!?!
    She sure has guts… Or maybe she has enough guts to be bitten but not enough to face KY?

  2. If i were her, i will not go to school too. Well, if i was her age, thats what i will likely do. Her solution is actually bright. Gj!

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