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C-novel Introduction: Just Do Your Best (北京公关小姐 做个职场坏女人)

Novel title    : Just Do Your Best
北京公关小姐 做个职场坏女人
Author          : 13格格
Status            : On going (book 3)


Most of people are stereotypes those who work in Public Relation department should be someone beautiful and has youth appearance. But for Huang Bei Bei those things are exceptional in her case. For Beijing girl alike Huang Bei Bei there is nothing to do between appearance with her job as Public Relation staff, a girl who looked so plain and also has chubby cheek had stunned everyone when she got this job.

Furthermore, inside the company she encounter bitter experience as object of making fun by her co-workers due to her age which is not young anymore. Being label as “leftover woman” which is quite embarrassing, her mom decided to make non-stop blind date arrangement for her, encounter many “good quality” men becoming compulsory. The busy Bei Bei does not know how to cope and handle the matter since she also busy with her career as PR staff.

The worst thing came up when Jie Ke (Jack), the head director of PR decided to recruit fresh blood for PR department because he is desperate to save the crisis. No one able to predict, matters by matters occurs in PR department, from the company point of view it will able to stagger the company future.

How Bei Bei handle her emotions? how Bei Bei develop her career?

This story about Bei Bei, a type of girl next door in the workplace which able to make us laugh but at same time teach us about two things, the path of success and the thorny path in process of growing.


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