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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 58

Chapter 58 (translated by Obsidian and edited by Azurro)

Ye Che’s Jealousy

“Wan Er, do you like the scenery here? You can see the entire lake from the angle you just saw. You can go and take a look.” Ye Che said.

“Ah?” Long Mo Er lifted her head.

“The scenery here is especially good. You can see all of Si Xin Lake. You go ahead and take a look!” Ye Che said again.

This time he didn’t ask Long Mo Er. Instead he told her to go directly because he couldn’t stand Gu Na Yan’s manner toward her. What were they saying that she responded that way? What did that expression on her face mean?

His uncomfortable feeling was truly hard to ignore.

Long Mo Er clearly heard him. Immediately she said to Lu Qun, “Let’s go look”.

This moment, she needs to calm down.

In that way, it allowed her to more understand her mood after heard Big Brother Na Yan’s words. But now her mood is complicated, so she needs to ponder what Big Brother Na Yan really meant.

“Well, Little sister Wan Er is already enough far away. You don’t need look at me that way.   I it was just joking. Don’t be that petty, OK?! I’m too familiar with that jealous expression and won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Gu Na Yan was unable to stand Ye Che’s stare.

“Che, please have mercy on me! this is the first time you’ve looked at me that way. You don’t need to be that way. Come on, wipe that expression off your face!”

Ye Che didn’t care to what Gu Na Yan said. Ye Che kept on staring at Na Yan with a murderous look, Coldly asked, “What did you quietly say to her just now?”

“Aiya, there was nothing!” Gu Na Yan held his wine cup using both hands. He drank the wine with a smile on his face. “Certainly not said any bad thing about you.”

“Are you sure!?”

“Certain. I know that today your coming isn’t simply wanted me to get to know little sister Wan Er. If you have business, hurry up said it!” Gu Na Yan heard Ye Che’s tone and immediately started to discuss the problem.

 Every time Ye Che speaks with this kind of tone, he would tactfully shut up. Today his conversation with little sister Wan Er, he had no intention to tell Ye Che, he even planned to hide it from Ye Che in his entire life. This way he could recall Ye Che’s rare expression constantly. That expression was worth preserving in his memory! As smart person, he naturally made quick change the subject.

 “The Ye family business has a problem that needs your help.” Ye Che said.

“Something happen to business?” Gu Na Yan blankly stared for a bit. He never thought there would day problems arise in Ye Business. “Che, you explain clearly, if there need help just say it”.

“Zhang Ji has insider that muddling things up for the Ye family. There’s a constant flow of information being leaked.”

“Zhang Ji? Are those Zhang Ji’s people that vicious and greedy?”

“It’s certainly him.”

“What were called certainly them?”

“That’s the thing we still don’t know, so that I came to find you, Xi Yan Gong Zi for help.”

“He, he. Well then, Che you should clearly give me all the particulars!”

As a result, Ye Che slowly explained to Gu Na Yan all the information about the matter. Even the careful details were clearly given.


2 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 58

  1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy reading this story..
    So much happened and i can’t help but be curious as to what the outcome might be….

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