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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 59

Chapter 59 (translated by CJ and edited by Azurro)

Accident at the lake

Even if the cold wind from the lake constantly blows toward her, Long Mo Er’s face remains hot. Even seeing the ripples in the lake brought little of comfort.

“My God! Is what Big Brother Na Yan said true? Or he is teasing and playing tricks on me?”

“Miss, What did Na Yan Gong Zi say to you? I am very curious!”

Since Lu Qun asked, Long Mo Er wanted to ask her opinion. While grabbing Lu Qun’s arm, she asked her, “Lu Qun, What kind of person do you think Big Brother Na Yang is? Is he trustworthy?”

“Na Yan Gong Zi!” Lu Qun thought about it and replied with a smile, “Third Young Master calls Na Yan Gong Zi a prankster, the way I see it, he has a glib tongue that is why he got that nickname.”

“Glib?” Long Mo Er who seems shocked, suddenly let go of her arm looked very feeble. “In your eyes, Big Brother Na Yan is a trickster, then, he was just fooling me by saying those words. Those words… were all that just for fooling me!”

“Miss, I’ve not finished talking yet. Please don’t be sad. Let me comfort you “. Lu Qun said looking at her appearance, silently shook her head. “I don’t know what Na Yan Gong Zi said to you, whether those were important or not to you. However, Na Yan Gong Zi treats you warmly, this is a person who saw you for the first time and yet was good to you. He seems to think of you as a little sister, I think whatever he told you might be true. Besides, why would he lie to you?”

“Are you telling the truth?” Long Mo Er eyes flashing with joyous brilliant rays.

So, what Big Brother Na Yan said about Ye che liking me is true?


Long Mo Er’s heart begins soaring with hope.

“Help me!……”

“Somebody fell in the water……”

“please someone help!”

“Can anyone save him?”

The distant murmur of voices can be heard intermittently.

“How come there are so many people there, let’s we go there to see.” Long Mo Er tries to go closer and see more and more people at the lake.

“Impossible there is someone fall into water, isn’t it?” Lu Qun guessed.

“We need to get closer!” She pulled Lu Qun to where the crowd is.

When they arrived, Long Mo Er let go of Lu Qun’s hand and worked her way through the crowd.

“What’s the matter?” Pushing forward, Long Mo Er sees a little boy all wet on the ground unconscious.

“A small child fell into the water.”


Next to the child, a woman knelled and took the boy in her arms tightly. And then, you can see in her face was wet with tears, and also grief and heart-broken expression.

Long Mo Er guessed that must be the child’s mother.



One thought on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 59

  1. Can’t Guess whose child is he.. Ahahahaha
    Really2 Can’t wait for next chapter (60)
    ƪƪ ‘ ▿’) (‘▿ ‘ ʃʃ
    Btw, Thanks for the update

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