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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 7

Picture taken from Ya Lun's weibo
Picture taken from Ya Lun’s weibo

Chapter 7

Part One

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

She Run away! Even she, herself not understand why she run away. She merely did not want to see him, not want to see him kissing any other girl.

inside the toilet, Feng Xiao Ling unscrew the tap water and used her strength to wash her face. she hopes by doing so she could sober a little bit.

but whenever she closed her eyes, the kissing scene keeps replaying in her head, the scene when the male and female lead touched…

Don’t want to think, just don’t want to think of it! She keeps telling herself many times. Taking out a tissue, she wipes her face dry. Unexpectedly, another figure appeared in the mirror of the wash basin, a sparkling pair of narrow eyes looking at her.

He is angry!

His expression is more than enough to tell people that he is angry.

“Ah!” Feng Xiao Ling, surprised, shouted. Turning around to see Han Yue Yi who somehow stood there, “You…. How can you get in?”

“Why can I not get in?” His loftiness is so intimidating, step by step closer to her.

“But this is girl’s….”

“And so what? You have told me that you would not fear me anymore, but how could you show me such an expression just now? Am I really that scary to the point you want to cry whenever you see me?” He stretched out his arms, placed  her into the corner of wall while his hand pressed tightly to the wall next to her.

“I’m not…”


“It’s not that I am afraid of you, but when I saw your acting with Miss Dong was really good, so that I dumfounded.” She made excuses.

“You must have good impression of Miss Dong, so that the kissing scene…. has deep emotion.”

“I don’t have any special feeling for her.” Han Yue Yi coldly said, “I don’t have a good impression of her, yet still able to kiss her.”

“Is…Is it?” So that, he is able to kiss anyone without feeling, so he kissed Miss Dong and kissed me also that way, no feeling.

He lowered his head, his tongue out, gently licked her cheek which drew her fear out, “You want to escape? Or are you still panic-frighten or still want to find any excuses?”

He used a very soft voice and gentle tone, obviously it is gentle tone, but she felt as if a demon had whispered. There is anger in his eyes, making her feel insecure.

He is impudently licking her cheek, her earlobe, her neck, her collarbone….

She, shivering because of fear, cried out, “Don’t!”

“May not refuse because you are mine, understand?” He put more strength into licking her, as if that was the only way to vent his anger.

She understood very well, at the moment she left him for while, he has to explode to what high level.

In order to press this atmosphere , she should use herself to make it up, using her body temperature, using her fragrance, and also her soft voice….

“When you told me that you would not fear me, do you know how happy I was? Would you let me have that happiness again?” He kissed her, a forceful kiss.

His kiss, it felt like a monopolizing gesture, as if to press her trembling body, just wanting to let her know, she belongs to him.

She passively accepts this kiss, trying to bear his anger.

He is kissing her, but her mind is replaying the kissing scene between the angel and young girl.

How could he be able to kiss her after kissing another girl? Is it because kissing for him is something he able to do without feeling so that he could kiss anyone?

“No… cannot!” Feng Xiao Ling shouted, she turned her head, avoiding his attempt to kiss her, “This kind of kissing, I don’t want.”

And then, she used all her strength—-pushed him!


Why she did not want to be kissed by him, was his kiss really hard for her to accept? Han Yue Yi used all his strength to hit the wall with his fist.

Damn it!

He will not allow her to avoid him kissing her!

His fingers, tapping the key over and over again, sheet by sheet music scores, playing the tunes.

He does not know the way to vent out this kind of feeling, he really does not know, perhaps he won’t be able to find the way.

What mistake has he done, why she should show him such an expression, and why should she use that attitude to refuse his kiss?

Before, everything was just fine!

“Han! You have enough!” suddenly the door pushed opened, Sai Ye walked inside.

Not caring what the other party said, Han Yue Yi kept playing his piano in order to vent his anger.

“Do you know what you look like now? You look like the devil who does not know how to vent anger.”

The piano sound stopped, slender fingers pressing the piano keys, “It seems you know me so well, Sai Ye. It true that all my anger, there is no place to vent out.”

Very gloomy tone, it instantly gives others a creepy feeling.

Sai Ye’s facial expression changed, “What happened to you today? Did something happen between you and Feng Xiao Ling?” Don’t tell me it is about today kissing scene. Han Yue Yi’s face lifted, the beautiful good looking face with a trace of loneliness, but his mouth raised to make an arc, “I———-am completely hated now !”

This kind of expression, this kind of speaking tone, has Sai Ye frightened, “Han, you, are you angry?”

“Am I? I am angry.” Han Yue Yi stood up, straightly walking in front of Sai Ye, “So it is better for you to leave me, or else, I can’t guarantee you will leave here safety.”

Heaven, is the girl, Feng Xiao Ling, really able to make such an impact on Han Yue Yi? Sai Ye takes a breathe, “You listen to me, perhaps this is because of today’s MV shooting, so that Feng Xiao Ling….”

“Sai Ye….” Han Yue Yi cut off the other party words, “I have warned you just now, it is better you leave me!” Or else he might hit his best friend in order to vent his anger.

Once his anger is completely placed above reason, then even he does not know what kind of things he will do.

“But the current you…”

“If you don’t want to get hurt.” His laughing voice sounded gloomier.

“Okay, okay, I got it.” Sai Ye helplessly left the room.

“Ling…” very soft voice, it’s out from Han Yue Yi’s mouth. Whenever he thought about her, his heart could not be restrained and uncontrollably gave violent contraction. without his realization and understanding it gives him a painful feeling, all the feelings because of her. Very uncomfortable, a pain that he could not vent, almost making him unable to breathe.

He…is he sick?

Perhaps he is sick.


4 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 7

  1. Oh no… more misunderstand. How long it could be? Pity for both of them. It makes me more curious with continuation.

    Azurro big thanks for this chapter. Hope your problem will go clear.

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