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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 3.2


Chapter 3

Part 2 (Two)

Cai Xi stretching out his tongue and licked on me….

I could feel my brain flames, “Who asked you to lick, bite ah!”

Cai Xi: barking! (He still licked…)

“Aiya!!” I shouted loudly.

He, still licking…

“Bite ah!!!”

He keeps on licking…

I silent…then I ignored Cai Xi, lying on the floor surface and crying as if dripping mourning tears.

As I thought, if I Cai Xi bites me, tomorrow I could ask permission and no need come to school.

“You are stupid….” I pointing my finger to his nose, scolded.

Cai Xi looked at my finger that pointing on him, and then he is licking again….

I felt there’s no hope for me, lying on the floor surface, as if death body.

It seems Cai Xi had played enough, pacing back and forth at my side, lie and sit down, its head resting into my stomach.

I think, at the end simply forget that idea and I pretended to be death body….

But I am type of person who can’t resist being hungry, once I heard my mom called me for dinner, I will ran faster than anyone.

One family four persons, we eat hot soup and food, but I don’t even taste anything, my mind just wandering to find idea, an idea that able to make me no need coming to school tomorrow.

I lowered my head, looking at my bowl which filled with white rice, occasionally peeking at mom and dad, my movement which similar to thief, so obvious my younger sister realized, she kicked my feet, gently asked, “What are you doing?”

I said, “I think to skip school.”

“Crazy!!” she put a meat into my bowl, “Brace yourself and eat more.”

At Junior High thinking to skip the school, it seeks to death!!

My dad seems to realize my weirdness, very considerate asking, “What happen, dear daughter3]!”

Nan Nan is term that used by the Shanghai people to call their child as endearment.

I shook my head, not dare to say anything.

“Does the pocket-money not enough?” my dad is not stingy when it comes to give pocket-money for me and my sister.

Even though it not about this matter, but I still shamelessly nodding.

I did not have way out, during the school time as student, who did not want to have more pocket-money.

My dad expression obviously looked understand, adding more vegetable into my bowl, “After dinner, dad will give you, just say how much you need, so let’s finish the food and eat more.” And then, dad also facing and said same thing to my sister.

Anyway if one gets something, the other will also get same thing, my dad is a fair person.

After finished dinner, I took the money that given by dad for me, in my heart, I was happy and bitter after got back into my room, the money in hands could not erase my fear to go to school tomorrow.

Having money too much also is not omnipotent.

I recalled, I haven’t finished my homework, I felt more headaches, but as student I do have sense of consciousness, hurried take out the book from bag, crouching the book on table and starting to do the homework.

I wrote with tremendous speed, as if to vent all my sorrow onto the work sheet.

Eight grade homework is not really difficult furthermore I am counted as smart student, I done my homework effortlessly.
after I done with my homework I planned to watch TV, but after I turned on TV, I lost my interest, and then I turned off TV, I walked to book shelf, looking for comics, I am number one fans for comic books, furthermore the Japanese Manga, when I was in seven grade (junior high 1st year), it was the huge buzz of Japanese manga, because of that, I bought so many comic books, Crest of the Royal Family4], Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Ranma ½, all those comic books were published by Hainan Photography, unlike today comic book that thick, during that time the comic books were thin, and at most only five volumes and the less one volume, so my book shelf are filled with it.

Every time I read comic books, I ease to be enchanted, it could be said that once I read comic books, I could turned my focus and forget all my problems, no matter the comic has read by me or not.

Usually, when I have enchanted, after I read and re-read, I might fall asleep.

Waiting for the alarm to wake me up, it has already at the second day in the morning.

Six o’clock, such rushing time.

I resented waking up from my bed, brushing my teeth, have my breakfast, and then have ransel bag on my back and go out from house.

When I was walking in the street, my brain tried to think hard, what should I say to Kang Yu today?

And how about him, what would he say to me?

Yesterday when he saw that scenery, did he say anything? Nonetheless, I seem to have been deleted that memory, so no matter how I wanted to remember, I could not do so.

How could once I walked, it has been in front of school gate already.

I felt shivering little bit, stood in front of school gate, why I not dare to get inside.

Those student who attending the school had passed me, all of them were put weird stared at me, merely I pretended that I was waiting others.

At this moment, at seven and ten minutes, I should go inside the school, or else I might regard as late.

I persistent to wait till the last minutes, and then I entered school, walking with very slow pace so similar with the robot which lacking oil, entering the class room. When I was walking and stopped right in front of the class room, I hid at the door corner, peeking inside the class room. All the students were arrived and have started the morning class already.



3] 囡nan囡 nan : Dear daughter

4] 尼 ni 罗 luo 河 he 女 nu儿 er : Crest of the Royal Family is shojo manga by Chieko Hosokawa.


I am thinking to make censored for being loved exclusively by you. Perhaps I will go for summary translation for chapter seven after the first part.
There will be steamy scenes in chapter seven after the first part and I hardly to translate it and make it more proper since it’s not simple undress scenes or bed scene but things kind of detail that….
hmmm…I hope you guys understand what I mean about XXOO’s thingy.

Or do you guys have any suggestion? should I go for summary or full translation?



8 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 3.2

  1. I really hope you go full translation forBeing Love Exclusively By You T.T, I dont wanna miss any single interaction between them…

  2. Thanks for the above translation. Just translate as u read it otherwise it will b too confusing. Beside we r beyond 21st century and don’t need be too censor right?!!!

  3. or u might add HIDE n SHOW button, so it’s all depend on the reader whether to read or not.
    TQ anyway for all your hardwork

  4. Full translation please! Am I a pervert ’cause I am directly admiting that I want to read steamy scenes?

  5. Thanks for the update dear (ʃƪ˘˘ﻬ)~♥
    I’d like to have the full translation.. Heheheh

    Xie xie ni
    Fighting yeayyyy…!!

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