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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 60


Chapter 60 Translated by Obsidian and Edited by Azurro

Life Saving Doctor

The small boys’ face was deathly pale; He seemed to be on his dying gasp.  The sight of the frail life tightly grabbed Long Mo Er’s heart which began to ache.

Was this young life going to slowly ebb away little by little in front of her very eyes?

“Which of you can save him?  Who can save him?” Wan Mo Er anxiously asked, grabbing the sleeve of the stranger next to her.

“He can’t be saved.”

“Such a young child and no one will even try to save him?!”


Long Mo Er barely had hope. The pitiless statement smashed her hope to pieces.  Her heart sank.

She had never seen death before.  Could it be that heaven wanted her here to see this boy die, sense what death is really like?  See this mothers’ grief and despair?

Long Mo Er’s heart started to stir.  Tears began to flow from her eyes.

In the midst of her tears, she saw a white form pass by.

After she started seeing clearly, that white form stopped by the side of the boy with his back facing her.

“Please lay him flat.  He can still be saved.” Standing, the white form examined the boy.  He immediately started speaking with the boys’ mother.

He still can be saved?  Can this man really save him?

After this pleasant voice reached Long Mo Er’s ears, she shifted her teary eyes to look at the form.  The tears disappeared.  Dumb founded, she tenaciously watched his actions.

Everyone who thought the boy would die now had new hope. This mans’ speech ignited that fresh hope. Doggedly, people expectantly watched the actions of the man in white.

After the mother laid the boy flat, the man in white put one hand on the boys’ abdomen.  The man then put his other hand on top of the first and used all his strength to pump.

This ordinary action somehow brought back the seemingly lifeless boy.  He coughed and then soon afterward spit out saliva from his mouth.  He slowly awakened.

“He’s waking up”

“He saved the boy.”

“Life saving doctor!”


“I need two people to come here and help.  Use all your strength to rub the boys’ limbs, warm him up as much as possible.”  After the man in white finished talking, he brought out a bottle from on his person and poured medicine into the mouth of the boy.

After the boy swallowed some medicine, the man in white started to leave.

The boy’s mother and several people dressed like servants exerted all their strength to rub the boys’ limbs.  Several maidservants constantly said, “Little master, beg you are doing fine!”

“Wow! This many servants… it seems he is a young master from a wealthy family.  How exactly happened a moment ago? ” Lu Qun said in Long Mo Er’s ear.

Ignoring Lu Qun’s trifling comments, Long Mo Er was now more concerned about the boy’s situation.  Even though he woke up, could there still be some danger?

“Change him into dry clothes.  Then go home and have him drink Ginger soup” the man in white said.  Then again he said, “He’s alright, next time be more careful when walking in the lakeside.”

Long Mo Er’s heart had been hanging in the air. The word let her completely relax.

People were absorbed in the joy and surprise of the boy waking up.  Taking advantage of the joyous commotion, the man in white quietly receded into the crowd and started to leave.

Long Mo Er carefully watched and pulled Lu Qun along, pursuing the man.  She really admired the man in white who had just saved a life. He was like white knight.  How could he simply go like this?  What could they say to recognize him for what he just did!


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