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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 7.3

lan chi

Chapter 7

Part 3 (Three)

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

Obviously she does not want to see him, obviously she didn’t go to company so as to avoid him, but now, her eyes were greedily looking at him.

“What a pity, even you are thinking to escape, it is too late.” Han Yue Yi stretch out his hand, slowly touching Feng Xiao Ling’s slim neck, forcing her face to directly look at him.

“So…coincidently, able to…meet you in here,” she spoke as if squeezing toothpaste.

“Coincident?” He sneered, “Do you really think this just a coincident?”

She gulped her saliva. Alright, let’s say she was just acting stupid this time, as it can be seen that he intentionally came to find her.

He twined his fingers to her hair, firmly holding her head, her scalp; actually she could feel the warmth in his fingers. “Do you know? All this time there was no woman able to make me this angry, because no matter how they acted, for me, they were just a bunches of flies of no relation to me. But now, I am really angry! Feng Xiao Ling, very good, you really have done a good job and made me angry.”

He is really angry! Feng Xiao Ling murmured, staring at the person in front of her. Perhaps that day  she shouldn’t push him, at least, she should tell the truth and reason with him.

Because she did not want to be kissed randomly like, just whoever got kissed!

He lowered his head, his beautiful face touching her ear, and subconsciously rubbing into her hair. “Tell me, if I want you to be mine completely, what should I do?” he asks in an unique, deep, unspeakable gloomy tone. It gave her goose bumps, suddenly she is shivering.

“I…I don’t understand what you are saying.” This side of him, she really is not familiar with!

“Not understand?” he laughed, his tone so soft but deep, “Perhaps, I need to act, so you might easier to understand.”

At the next moment, his hot breath spread on her face, his lips forcibly sticking to hers, as if he were a traveler who found an oasis, desperately wanting to kiss her.

Hunger and thirst, coarse and wild, wanting to take her all and occupy her just for him!

Feng Xiao Ling desperately struggled to avoid his intense and fiery kiss. Her small hands made into fists and beat his chest. She is trying to stop his crazy kiss, but it is just so useless.

Her struggling provokes him to act fiercer. The advantage of the male physique-he is so easily able to grab her hands, forcing and pressing her body into his chest.

His tongue ravaged and almost conquered her, his black jade eyes looked as if they burned with flame.

No! she does not want to be kissed this way, too violently, as if he wanted to take all her mind and even her fear!

She does her utmost to turn and move her body, but at the same time he is strangely moaning.

“I want you!” His lips touching her soft lips, he still kissed her.

She, panic stricken, shook her head; she did not understand why things turned out like this!

His expression changed, he sounded grieved. “Why are you still refusing me? Even if you come to hate me, I don’t care. I just want you; I can’t help myself to restrain or control my heart, desire and lust; you will not understand how I feel. If you dislike my actions, you should put all your strength to punching me, break my hands so I won’t be able touch you, or cut my feet so I can’t get close to you, or just blind my eyes, cut off my ears and nose, only in this way you…. perhaps you will be secured.”

Feng Xiao Ling is surprised and looks at Han Yue Yi. He… what did he just say? This is not a normal person’s words, yet he said them as if inevitable and right.

“So? Do you want to beat me down?” His nose touched her, his warm breath spreading over her face, but that scared her.

“Don’t…don’t act like this. Let me go, please let me go!” She tried her best to swing her body and shout.

“Even if you say the same thing, repeatedly, I….it is impossible to do so.” He lowered his head, touching her cheek to her ears.

“Ah…” her breath disorder .

His body stuck too tightly to her body, very close and intimate so that she almost fainted from his masculine smell.

Suddenly her eyes showed fear, her body turned to be so tense——the burning-hot of his member  was very close and touching her jeans, pressing on her; even she had never experienced it before, but due to modern teaching, she understand what is going on.

“No!”She is at loss to know what to do.

“Ling, be mine.” His chest is undulating, his breath burning hot. He wants her. Only to neutralize his lust, only to calm his temper, only her, only she is the person who can do it, as long as he takes her, he will be fine.

His eyes are getting dark, so dark until she can’t think too much, so she bites his arm.

She just wants him to let her go, she just wants him to get back to the normal Han Yue Yi that she knows.

The taste of blood fills her mouth. She didn’t need to see; she knew she gave him a serious bite.

“If you like, you can bite me with more strength.” He sounded as if it is so normal and he had no objections, but the hands that held her did not loosen up one bit. “Even if you bite until my hand breaks, I will never let you go.”Won’t let go? Why, isn’t he afraid of pain? Stupidly Feng Xiao Ling opened her mouth. His wounds gave her a guilty feeling. She didn’t intend to hurt him!

“Is this enough?” Under the moon light, he looked at his hand which was stained with blood and teeth marks, lowered his head, licked the blood from the wound, but his eyes still looked at her.

In his vision, as if he made silent oath, he swears that he should  get her.

His lips were still stained with blood. Under the silvery moonlight spreading over his body there is an odd thing that is difficult to say.

The next second, his lips pressed on her, the lips stained with blood forcing onto her mouth, giving the atmosphere the reek of blood. His hand slipped inside her clothes, greedily touching her skin.

It raised her body temperature, numbing her body and a little bit of a sense of itching. She ran short of breath. She grew strange, feeling as if she were being hit by big wave; she could not help her body trembling, ears buzzing.

Hot, her body was burning hot. She was so afraid, she was afraid of this kind of feeling. A feeling that she is not familiar with.

“You are mine, mine! Only be mine!” He murmured.

“Don’t…don’t do in here, this is street,” she whispered, her voice sounding as if she were choking.

“As long as I get you, it doesn’t matter about the place, as long as I can make you mine!” He kissed her over and over again. There is the slightest feeling of anxiety, insecurity, destitution, similar to the drowning man who is desperately looking for driftwood and planks tied together, even if the man knew it will sink but refuses to let go. “Hate my kiss, but the more you hate it, I don’t care.” He is a crazy man. To be able to get her love, he turned crazy.

His tone of speaking, his kisses, strangely let her heart burst with a thrilling feeling. This is so obviously the person who is going to rape is her, obviously the disadvantaged person is her, but why he is the person who sounded like crying?

“I…I not hate you…” As if she wanted to heal his sorrow, “I just dislike when you kissed Miss Dong. I hated when you said, you are able to kiss anyone even without any feeling.” Tears unconsciously fall down. The fact is she does not really mind his violent actions, but for her to think she is perhaps not a special person to him, that upsets her more.Tears as clear as crystal bead fall from her moist eyes; he suddenly stops his moves. “So you dislike it if I kiss other person?”

“Yes…I dislike it,” she honestly nods her head.


“Because I like you.” That’s why she felt sad, so she cried.

Strangely, because of her few words, all  his insecurity, his anxiety, his confusion, all just disappeared. Han Yue Yi stared at the person in front of him who was a crying machine, Feng Xiao Ling.

So, she has fallen for him, so, in her heart there will always be him.

“I understand, if…if I say I like you, perhaps it will give you burdens. You can just forget it…forget what I told you….” She said.

“I won’t forget, and will not allow you to forget.” He hugged her, held her tightly, “How could I forget things that make me happy!”

“Are you happy?”

“Of course, I am so happy!” Compared to his desire, lust and physical contact, her words brought more peace and satisfaction to him. “Ling, I have told you, even your tears belong to me.”

Lowering his head, he sucked her tears. Her everything, all of hers, including her tears, is really able to make him feel as if tasting something as sweet as honey.


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  1. wooww…that’s very intense. I feel both scare and excited on the same time.
    thanks again for the updates.

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