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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 61

Chapter 61 (translated by CJ and edited by Azurro)

The Mysterious Silver Masked Man

After walking for a while, Long Mo Er was worried the man who was wearing white robe will disappear, immediately asked the man to stop.

 “Wait a minute.”

 The man wearing white robes heard her voice and tried finding the source of the sound with an uncertain look.

After getting a glimpse of the man’s face, Long Mo Er and Lu Qun cannot help but hold their breath, gasping at the motionless man clad in white clothes watching them.

The man is wearing a silver mask covering half his face, just revealing a pair of eyes and mouth. With the silver mask, it is impossible to guess what he looked like without the mask.

How can this be?

 How come I’m the only one who noticed him?

 Everyone who saw him, why didn’t they pay attention to his unusual appearance?

 Why is that?

Long Mo Er did not know what to say.

“Are you speaking to me?” Seeing Long Mo Er and Lu Qun’s reaction, the man’s mouth seemed to have curved at a slight angle.

“Oh, yes, I did.” Long Mo Er saw the slight change in his expression but can’t determine if under the mask, the man is laughing.

“What’s up?” The man in white asked with a soft voice.

My name is Long Mo Er, you were awesome!”

“It wasn’t much, it was basic knowledge as first help, those who understand swimming knows well of it.”

“But I didn’t! You were still great, I thought the kid was dead. You saved his life!” Long Mo Er excitedly said while recalling the mood earlier.

“Thank you.” The man replied making more movement under the mask.

This time Long Mo Er is sure that he smiled.

“What should I call you?” Long Mo Er asked. “you know how to save people life, are you a doctor?”

“Call me Bai Yin Chen!” He paused for a bit then continued, “As I said earlier, a lot of people know how to save someone who has drowned, it’s common but some doctors will not do so. Not everyone who saved people is doctor.”

“Are you more skillful than the doctor? Could you be regarded as life saving doctor?” Long Mo Er simply adored him, she didn’t understand what he was saying.

Bai Yin Chen silently smiled.

“I have something to do, I will go ahead.” he said and left Long Mo Er.

“Hey, wait…” Long Mo Er called.

Unfortunately, Bai Yin Chen has already left and did not look back.

“Miss, he must’ve not heard you.” Lu Qun said.

“Bai Yin Chen? Why is he wearing a mask? Oh well, that’s intriguing!” Long Mo Er said to herself in a low voice while looking distant.


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  1. Thanks for the latest update. How many chapter b4 YC find out that his wife is not LME? How many chapters to go when we reach the end?

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