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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 8.2

Hey guys, I am opening collaboration for translation project (Substitute Bride) since Obsidian getting busy with her things, she has stopped the project. Anyone who interest to join this project please E-mail me ( my new email address. or just leave in comment box will do 🙂

another news, I will have collaboration with Thunder who start to write own fiction while I will be doing the translation (This project will be in two languages, Bahasa and English).

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

Chapter 8

Part 2 (Two)

While most of time the girlfriend of this type of man not consider to have luck , perhaps—if her relationship and Han Yue Yi is exposed, there is a great possibility she might beaten up by group of women, or even scarier, receive terrorizing phone calls!

Come on! If that really happens, does she need to have police hotline numbers?

“Come, try to sing this!” Another music sheet is handed to Feng Xiao Ling.

She received the music sheet, looked at it for moment, and then raised her head to see the person in front of her.

Tall figure, handsome face compared to ordinary people, charm and grace which no one is able to imitate. Even any gestures he makes, people feel it as an extraordinary artistic movement. In this moment his slender fingers are clearly touching piano lid.

“What are you looking at?” Han Yue Yi asked when he felt someone looking at him.

“No…nothing.” Feng Xiao Ling’s face is blushing red, so she hurriedly lowered her head and looked at the music sheet in her hands.

This kind of expression certainly has to do with something!

Han Yue Yi raised his brows and suddenly walked in front of Feng Xiao Ling, “Ling—–“


“If I want to know, what were you looking at just now?”

Using a low tone like a devil who is whispering, his warm breath spreads on her forehead. Without lifting her head, Feng Xiao Ling knew that Han Yue Yi was getting closer to her.


“Ling, am I really that good-looking?”

“Ng, you are good-looking…” Not yet finished, Feng Xiao Ling really wanted to find a hole. What is called a confession, she could give the best example.

His fingers lifted her jaw, forcing her to face him. “If you want to look at me, you can bravely look at me; I like the way you looked at me.”

Feng Xiao Ling face turned beet red, her red face equal to a boiling shrimp. In front of her that beautiful face is closer inch by inch, simply to say that face is really trying to test her self-control!

“Well, you have seen for half day, what do you think?” His laugh sounded cunning, asking her.

“Perhaps I will be surrounded by a group of women, disfigured, or receive terrorizing phone calls; those things will likely happen to me.” She spoke to herself softly, her mind completely thought these things after shorten her distant, being touched and her mind kind off and blank.

Han Yue Yi stared. “Why would there be a group of people who disfigure   and send you terror phone calls?”

“Ah?!” Feng Xiao Ling recovered from her imagination, “Nothing!”

“Say it!”

Only because of his words, she obediently said honest words. She could not help it; whose asked her to have chicken-guts? “I heard from other people, because of Sheng Yin, that MV, there are many women who have come to like you. So that…. if other people know that we are dating, most probably I will be surrounded by groups of people, disfigured…to the extent of being terrorized by phone calls….”

Her facial expression changes darker and darker as her words flowed. Waiting until she finished, his face already turned gloomy.

“You have me; there won’t be any people who dare to touch you.” Han Yue Yi said.

“I know. Anyway it is only a hypothesis, that won’t happen la!” Feng Xiao Ling hurriedly said.

“Since I am unwilling to harm my treasure, so there won’t be anyone able to harm you.” He said, his eyes closed as if thinking about something.

Treasure? Is she his treasure?

Her heart, only by his words, feels so warm inside.

“Because of that MV, did many women come to like me?” He asked her.

“Ah? Yes!” Though she did not really understand why he asked it again, Feng Xiao Ling still gave him an answer and nodded.

“The reason?”

Geez! OMG, does he not know how good looking and attractive him is, which is able to make people commit crimes? “Because of your face.”

“My face?”

“You have such a good looking face, most women fall for you.” Not like her face, even being put on street for day, no one will come to recognize and remember her.

“Is this?” He stroked his face using his finger, talking to himself, “I really didn’t know those women who like me would do something harmful towards my Feng Xiao Ling. If I need to face them one by one, that would be so troublesome. Since it is like that, how about….do that, perhaps all the problems will be solved.”

“Hag?” Feng Xiao Ling is surprised, blinking her eyes. What does he want to do?

Han Yue Yi raise his head, giving such creepy laugh to Feng Xiao Ling, “As long as I ruin this face, there won’t be anybody who likes my face and seeks to trouble or do harmful things to you. This is a very simple way to solve the problem, right?”Her jaw dropped! She stared blankly at him. Did he call this the easiest way of solving the problem? Particularly when he said “very”. “Are you kidding me?”

But his expression clearly said that his words were really serious!

“What do you think if I make a scar by carving?” He used his finger nail to make the mark for the scar.Would an ordinary person say it like that? Feng Xiao Ling bit her lips, her heart felt as if were being squeezed by something.

How could this man not think about pain and hurt? As if it is not important.

More than anything, he only cares about her safety.

“I don’t want that.” She raised her voice.


“I don’t want you to do such things!” she suddenly buried herself in his embrace, her face against his chest.

“But this way, you won’t get harmed.”

“But I am fine right now, no one harm me!” She said, “Even if there is, I won’t let you do such things.”

“But I don’t want to let any possibilities happen.” He whispered with his deep voice in her ears, “You are mine; you are my beloved treasure. My lovely treasure, so that…” I won’t let anything bad happen to you.

Very certain…perhaps this man really loves her.

Strangely, she is certain of something. Her mind suddenly clear, Feng Xiao Ling, whose face is still stuck on Han Yue Yi’s chest, said with a soft voice, “Yue Yi…I love you.”

“I know.” He gave a faint smile.

“Hence, I do also like your face; I don’t want it ruined or being hurt.”

He is dumbfounded, his Ling….

“I really really really like your face, you are not allowed to say such things anymore.” She gathered her guts and said, “If you really hurt your face, carve it using knife, so…I will do the same thing.” Though she is afraid of pain, if the times really comes, she needs to say such things.

“Do you like my face?” his hands on her waist, he hugged her entire body.



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  1. Thanks! 🙂

    oh my goodness…..he really is so extreme!
    He extremely loves her, and would do anything for her.
    However, when he said “Since I am unwilling to harm my treasure so there won’t be anyone able to harm you.” It is kind of creepy, since it shows how he is way too POSSESSIVE !

    Thanks for the update!

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