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Introduce Fiction : Love and Price Tag (愛情和價格標籤) – Thunder

Title            : Love and Price Tag
Genre         : Romance – Comedy
Author       : Thunder


Most of people would do anything in order to climb into Elite Class life. Money, status, power, fame are few indicators that make people dare to take risky path, even throwing others precious thing alike friendship and family as the exchange.

Chen Yu Xuan is a subject of everyone jealousy, she has everything that most of people looking for. Born into wealthy family, she has all best thing in life. Until one day she found out the ugly reality of Elite Social Life which later on change her life drastically.

More information:
The female lead is someone smart, talented and well-educated. She isn’t stupid or weak Missy from wealthy family. She has very strong and stubborn character which really different from her delicate appearance. She smarts enough to make her every moves and that why she is more than an ordinary chess piece of Chen’s family.


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