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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 8.3

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Chapter 8

Part 3 (Three)

“How much do you like it?”

“It…I extremely like, that kind….”

“Ling, I really liked when you said it. Please say it one more time.”

“You should promise me, you won’t ever hurt your face.”

“…I promise.”

“You are not allowed to use a knife?”


“You are also not allowed to have plastic surgery?”


“You are not allowed to use any glasses?” She was still worried.

“…..Ling,” He helplessly kissed her forehead, “As long as you do not allow me to do so, I won’t ever do it. I want you to love me, only me.”

He wants her love, her entire love, all of her attention!

Everything of hers, deep into her bones, until there is no way to be separated.

Gentle kisses, a kiss that is filled with love and warmth. That kind of kiss that is a proof of a man’s feelings towards a woman, a promise—-and also an oath to himself.

“Very good, Sheng Yin has been at the top of the chart for more than three weeks in row. Even the clicks for the MV, it huge internet traffic and also the downloads! If this continues, once Dong Ai Min’s CD launches, it will definitely be popular and becomes a hit.” Inside his room, Ou Ka Li radiated excitement and a happy mood showed on his face.

“At the time, when the CD launches we need to have a press conference, to use the media to make huge buzz.” One other side his secretary, Hua Jie, kept reminding him.

“This is naturally a must.” Ou Ka Li agreed, nodding, “This time Dong Ai Min could succeed, all thanks to Han Yue Yi.”

“You are right, but the most surprising thing was Mr. Han agreeing to cooperate and shoot the MV with Dong Ai Min. If not for that MV, the impact won’t this massive.”

“You said, if for this press conference Han Yue Yi could come, perhaps it will be able to boast the impact.” Ou Ka Li said.

Hua Jie clearly understands this point, “But….will Mr. Han be willing to do so?”

“This…” He hesitated. If one thinks about Han Yue Yi’s character, needless to say, he absolutely won’t come. “Perhaps, if we sincerely beg him, he might agree.” Well, he said so but Ou Ka Li is not really sure that will work.

“If Han Yue Yi were really that agreeable, he perhaps would not be Han Yue Yi.” Hua Jie seems to pour cold water, “Rumor says that he hates to attend any press conference or media gathering. Even for several award-winning events he was also absent, most of time Mr, Sai Ye attended on his behalf.”

“Don’t you mean there is nothing to expect?” Award-winning events he refused to attend, not to mention small press conferences?

“We still have a chance.” Hua Jie smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“Meaning….” When she was about to continue, suddenly the room’s door pushed open, unexpectedly the person is Feng Xiao Ling. “Xiao Ling, can you make a phone call to Mr. Han, reminding him to attend our company’s press conference next weekend?”

“Will there be a press conference next week? Fine, no problem.” The stupid little red riding hood  just agreed so easily, she didn’t smell something fishy. “Now?”

“Yes, right now. Please give him a call.”

“Oh.” Feng Xiao Ling took out her phone, searched for Han Yue Yi’s name in her contacts, “It’s me. Yes, next week our company will have a press conference, could you attend….me? Ugh, I will be at there to help out…”

After a few minutes Feng Xiao Ling hung up her phone, she said to Hua Jie, “Hua Jie, Mr. Han said he will attend the press conference.”

“Good job.’ Hua Jie is laughing, then she walking inside the room, facing Ou Ka Li and said, “See, the easiest solution.”

“…indeed so easy.” Ou Ka Li mouth curved into an arc.

Perhaps having Feng Xiao Ling in his company is the biggest piece of luck.

The MV has been playing again and again, Dong Ai Min’s eyes still looking at the man inside, the charm that radiates from his body, no matter how people to imitate him, no one is able to do it.

The man silently walking towards the girl, lowers his head, gently kissing…

Slightly! Dong Ai Min pressed pause on the remote control, the picture on the screen stopped. She could not forget his lip’s print left on her skin; the feel of that touch.

Because of him, she is blushing. Countless people have said she is so lucky; she is perhaps this year’s Cinderella.

The Cinderella who will turn out to be the princess, and later on, both the princess and the prince will have a happy life, but for her, she wants and desires more than this.

She wants more and more.

If she were able to continue singing every song composed by him, if he could fall for her, love her, if he could treat her just like that angel in the MV….Closing her eyes, Dong Ai Min laughed. She is not Cinderella; even an idiot knows who Han Yue Yi likes.

But–she won’t give up. A man like Han Yue Yi is not suitable to stand with plain Feng Xiao Ling. They do not look good together. His music, his emotions, Feng Xiao Ling would never understand.

Only her! She only is the person who is able to understand him very well; she sings his song and he composes the song.

So she is thinking of approaching him on the day of the press conference; she wants Feng Xiao Ling to back out, letting Han Yue Yi have a good impression of her so that at the press conference she can create ambiguity between her and him .

She must grab this opportunity so she can climb to the top as famous and high level super star.

Han Yue Yi, he is the opportunity that she won’t let go. No matter whether it’s him as a person or as the composer, she wants all of him!


4 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 8.3

  1. oh no. Ling is so naive. Bad dong ai min, i dislike her. Hope her plan not going well..

    Thanks for the update..

  2. Wow….that dong ai min is really persistent. …I hope she won’t sabotage their new found relationship. ..

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

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