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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 8.4

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Chapter 8

Part 4 (Four)

“Ai Min, you come here and take a look, what kind of poster should we use in the press conference?” Hua Jie asked Dong Ai Min front of the many posters spread on the surface of the table.

“Alright.” Dong Ai Min absentmindedly replied.

“The company also has found the best stylist, someone very famous.”


“For these next few days you better prepare yourself, take good care of your body, so you can attend the press conference looking your best.” Hua Jie said. Finally she realized the other party was not seriously listening to her.

“What are you thinking?” Hua Jie suddenly asked her.

“Ah!” Dong Ai Min exclaimed, “No…Nothing!”

“In a few days the press conference will be held. This is super important for you; you should put a lot of effort into it. In this circle, fast to fame and fast to dim, if you are wish to stay longer in this world, you should put much effort into it.”

“Ng, I understand.” Dong Ai Min nodded her head. She best understood the importance of this matter compared to anyone. The taste of not famous and being ignored, she does not want to experience it again.

She wants to be famous, she wants to be famous longer than anyone ever.

“Oh, Hua Jie, where is Feng Xiao Ling?” She asked.

“She, she might be in the third recording room.” Hua Jie said.

“Recording room? She is not a singer why should she be there?”

“Perhaps she is waiting Mr. Han.”

“Hasn’t Mr. Han come to the company? Won’t he be discussing something together before showing up at the press conference?”

“Mr. Sai Ye phoned they would come late.”

Dong Ai Min silently walked out from the room.

“Ai Min, where are you going?” Hua Jie asked.

“I think Feng Xiao Ling might be bored inside the recording room, so I want to accompany her for awhile.” She used a fake laughing voice.

Hua Jie thought for moment then allowed her, “Fine, Xiao Ling perhaps is bored alone.”

Dong Ai Min pushed the meeting room door open. Alone she walked to the third recording room. This recording room was specially made for Han Yue Yi when he entered the company.

Before now, other than Han Yue Yi, Mr. Sai Ye, Boss and Hua Jie, only Feng Xiao Ling who was allowed to enter the room, while she had never stepped foot inside.

That place, it is really similar to the restricted zone while she is the person who always stood outside that restricted zone.

Today, she wants to enter that restricted zone, enter to see for moment what is the difference between herself and Feng Xiao Ling.

The door was unlocked so she did not even knock on the door, but silently pushed open the door to enter the room. A clear, pure voice flowed into her ears, stirring her emotions.

This song is………..Sheng Yin.

Another voice, this voice is extremely different from her voice, compared to her voice when singing Sheng Yin, this voice was more beautiful so it was even able to move people’s heart.

Dong Ai Min, startled, looking at the person in front of her, even forgot to close the door.

How it possible the person who sang in front of her is the girl who is not even able compare in the slightest in her eyes?

How was that possibly Feng Xiao Ling?

The petite figure who deliberately sat in one of the chairs with half closed eyes, so relaxed while singing the song, it was so obvious when she spoke that her voice was ordinary, but once she sang, she is able to radiate an aura to keep people listening to her.

To say….compared to herself who is a professional singer, Feng Xiao Ling is able to sing far better.

Dong Ai Min’s face darkened. She had never thought a girl that she looked down on would be able to sing the song better that she sang the song till this.

If at that time….the person who sang the song was not her, but Feng Xiao Ling, perhaps the person who got fame would be the girl in front of her!

No! She slightly shook her head, Han Yue Yi did not choose Feng Xiao Ling to sing that song, this could mean that Feng Xiao Ling does not have any special place in Han Yue Yi’s heart. If not, with his ability in composing songs, he is able to make ordinary people super stars.

“Miss Dong.” Feng Xiao Ling stopped and greeted Dong Ai Min, whom she had not noticed arriving before.

“Your…singing Sheng Yin is not counted as bad.” She tensely said.

“Thank you.” Usually Feng Xiao Ling and Dong Ai Min did not talk much, but now they were in same room and both of them didn’t know what to say.

“Has Mr. Han ever heard your singing voice?” She is so hypocritical when asking her.

“He has heard it before.” Feng Xiao Ling answered her honestly, nodding to her.

“When was that?”

“When he was done with writing and composing the music.” She thought about it for while and answered Dong Ai Min.

Well, to put it simply, Han Yue Yi’s song Sheng Yin was sung by Feng Xiao Ling before, and later on he let her sing it? For a short moment Dong Ai Min almost exposed her happy expression. Normally for those who understand and highly appreciate music, this song would definitely be given to Feng Xiao Ling to sing it and not her.

Han Yue Yi really did not value Feng Xiao Ling highly!

“It seems you and Mr. Han are close?” Dong Ai Min asked straight forwardly.


“But this is not really good.”

“Hag? Why?” She did not understand.

“Obviously because Mr. Han is a well-known public figure, if you are too close to him, this perhaps won’t be a good thing for him.”

“Is it so?” Feng Xiao Ling murmured. This matter she had never thought about before. “Boyfriend and girlfriend get too close, is it a bad thing?”

“What?” Finally she could not help herself: her mouth opened, her expression changed, she even spoke with a high tone, her voice raised an octave, “Since when did you have such a relationship with Mr. Han?”

“Hehehe…. not long ago.” Feng Xiao Ling’s face turned red.

“And what about me?” Dong Ai Min asked suddenly. She had not even been Han Yue Yi’s friend, but how could a girl like Feng Xiao Ling be able to make the first move?

“What do you mean by what about you?” The little riding red hood didn’t understand what Dong Ai Min said.

“Nothing,” She coldly replied, “I just feel that Han Yue Yi perhaps does not really like you; how could you turn out to be his girlfriend?”


8 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 8.4

  1. I feel that proclaiming that a untrained girl to be a better singer than a trained singer is far fetched. One can have a better tone of voice (in their own way) but it should still be obvious the difference between those who trained or those who did not. The writer must have been very young when she wrote the story.

  2. Depends on the training. I have found that it is not always obvious who has been trained in a pop music setting. You can see differences more in opera, gospel, musical theatre, etc, as breathing and phrasing training makes a large difference in the quality and precision of what is sung. Pop and rock, not as much.

  3. First time when Xiao Ling found by Han because her unique and unforgettable voice which able to stir people emotion (during that time Xiao Ling perhaps someone ordinary with gifted beautiful voice). but after some time, Han who loves Xiao Ling voices asking her to repeatedly sing his song whenever he made new ones. due to this state, Feng Xiao Ling singing skill naturally improved without she knew it (which made her better than Ai Min).

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