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Fiction : Love and Price Tag (愛情和價格標籤)


Opening Chapter

No one knows about future, no one able to predict what will happen on the next minutes….



That night the weather was colder than usual, the moon was covered by dark clouds in the night sky of glamor city, Shanghai. Inside the beautiful decorative bed room, a girl looked so anxious in her sleep.

“Leave me! Let me go!” Shan awake after she heard a girl who sleeps beside her has sleep-talking and sweat a lot. she sounded so terrifying as if something bad is coming toward her.

“Yu Xuan… Yu Xuan…” Shan called Yu Xuan with gentle voice near her ears, Shan tried to awake her. “Do you have a nightmare?” She asked her and holding her small hands.

Yu Xuan said nothing but nodding.

“It had already passed and there won’t be anyone comes to harm you.” Shan hugs Yu Xuan.

“I am sorry, to wake you up at the middle of night.” Yu Xuan said to Shan, her tears falling down without she realized.

“It’s only a nightmare. I’m here with you, don’t be afraid.” Shan said.

Xu Yuan didn’t answer but only look at Shan, she understood everything will be alright as long as Shan there with her. She still hugged by shan, no crying sound but Shan knew no matter how Yu Xuan tries stay strong, the fact she only eighteen years old teenager and things just too much for her to bear.





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