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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 3.3

Chapter 3

Part 3 (Three)

Naturally, I am searching for Kang Yu, I spotted him, one of his hands was hold his head and he was facing into the window, I wondered what he has seen?

Immediately I shrink my head, giving myself time to prepare my mental-state.

I told myself, it was only being seen when having “pee”, so there was nothing to make fuss about it. Everyone is also pee, even when I was in toilet, perhaps I also got viewed sometimes.

Alright! there is anything to be scared, Ou Yang Miao Miao, all great people have ever done stupid things, well people who have done stupid and mistake are those regarding as human, and then those people will change to be great people in the future.

I took a step but pulled it back whenever one my feet almost touched the floor. I shrunk my body.

I scold and cursed myself, I am such useless person. Whenever I tried make first step then I stopped and step backward, at last I shrunk my body again.

In front of the door, I move my footstep forward and then backward.

The fellow classmate who sat near to the class room door, realized and immediately shout with weird tone, “Class leader, what are you doing?”

I flame up and yelling, “none of your business!!”

I was yelling too loud and the result all my classmate turned their focus on me, including Kang Yu who also looked at me.

I didn’t have way turned back, I forced myself to enter and lower my head down.

I walked to my seat, put down my school bag and not dared to look at him, but I heard his greeting, “Morning!!”

Morning your head, I was cursing in my heart. But my face dared not to show any expressions furthermore I forced myself to make one fake smile, very stiff said, “Morning….Good Morning…hehehehe…..”

I took out my pencil case, my homework sheets, and also literature book which was first subject and then sat down in my seat.

He didn’t say anything but I could sense the awkward atmosphere. If there nothing to say, I do really sorry for this early awkward atmosphere for this morning class.

Not really sure whether I am too much thinking or what, I sensed Kang Yu is still looking at me, but I don’t have any guts and dare not to see him directly, I feel my heart uncomfortable.

“Yesterday….” Silent for moment, Kang Yu opened his mouth.

Once I heard yesterday this word, my heart beating peng peng peng, chaos. What was yesterday, what was happen yesterday?

I am panicking; busy to distract him and trying to change the topic, initially I wanted to ask, today, have you eaten your breakfast?

This is kind of Chinese way to give prior notice.

Well, just those words!!!

I have thought to say those words in my mind, but once I thought about yesterday incident of pee pee, as the result I had burst nonsense.

I opened up my mouth and said, “You…. You….Have you…today done pee?”

After I finished, I saw him as if being chocked by his own saliva, cough.

For the next seconds, finally I able to response for what I have said before.

My face turned beet red and also my ears.

I really am super idiot.

Things that should not be mentioned finally are mentioned too.

Perhaps he might think that I am the most foolish person in the world.


Just as I predicted, suddenly Kang Yu burst laughing, he is laughing very hard, he even laugh till his head lying at the surface of table, one of his hand slapping the other side of table, he laughing so hard and dramatic.

His loud laughing, drew all the classmates focus, and once again I becoming the main focus.

I feel so embarrassed, lower my head as if covered my embarrassment.

Everyone looking at me, I don’t any option than reached out my hand from beneath the desk and grabbing his uniform collar, pulling him hard to stop.

He finally noticed his loud laughter and made it lower, everyone act as if nothing and then all of them get back to do their stuffs.


2 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 3.3

  1. she really is an idiot!
    so funny yet embarrassing…. how on earth do they fall in love with each other??
    thanks for the update! 🙂

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