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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 3.4

Chapter 3

Part 4 (Four)

While Kang Yu seems to restrain himself for laughing, his body is trembling crazily, but I don’t feel happy when see him like that. Moreover I do not dare to say any words because I afraid once he felt offended then he might tell everyone about my shameful incident, on that way, how could I able to see others people in my life again?

It is seven thirty and because of outside is starting drizzle, we are inside the classroom and listened to the school radio that inform to do gymnastic class indoor. My movement is very stiff and so does with my motion pace getting slow, very careful and cautious not dare to “touch” him in order to avoid him for having any opportunity to do evil thing to me.

After done with the exercise, taking little break, the bell rings and the first class is starting.

My literature teacher is Mr. Sun who is also homeroom teacher but after two days he stopped because he got promotion to be headmaster, and now our homeroom teacher is English Teacher called Teacher He.

I never so serious like today when study English subject, simply to say, I put all my concentration such as taking note very carefully, even all the words are written in very neatly strokes.

But Kang Yu seems not to let me off, he get closer to me and softly said, “Don’t you want to ask, what I had seen yesterday?”

After I heard it, my pencil tip crooked, directly draw an irregular curve.

“You… what do you want?” no matter how I thought, after I heard his question, I felt as if being threaten.

“Well, you think?” he has very nice voice but no matter how my ears heard it, it feels like something so scary will happen.

At the end my skin thinned1] during this time I still such young, extremely pure, if it is the ten years later me, I will be able to present him a slap, accuse and smear him to have saw girl when peeing.

But during this time I only junior high second year, I don’t have any concerned about this thing. I just felt myself was doing something so embarrassing and does not want people to find it out.

When I answered him, my voice is trembling, nervously looking at him, “You… what do you want…what…you…thought…. Fine….”

I could see Kang Yu smiling eyes, he seems to give sufficient consideration about my feasibility words and to extend there is nothing left.

I am able to sense his evil emotion from his pair of eyes.

He looked at me, very intense look, the way he looked me even give me a goose bump.

After one second, two seconds, three seconds, finally he softly said, “very well!”

I don’t understand so that I keep looking at him who exposure his sweet smiling face.

What did he mean?

Didn’t he have waiting for me since this morning only to enmesh me?

But I still haven’t seriously to think about it, my small brain is filling with all embarrassing scenes that happen yesterday.

When I lifted my head, the English teacher is in front of me already.

He sees Kang Yu and me, his hand which is holding chalk trembling, the chalk almost crumbled and I so shock to see his cold eyes through his glasses.

“What is very well, could you let me know?”


“During the class you guys are not seriously listen to the lecture, moreover both of you dare to chat during the class, what you guys want to be?”

I lower my head as expression that I am admitting my fault.

“Both of you get out from your seat, as the punishment, stand up in front of class, reflecting on the mistakes.”

At this moment, the standing punishment is granted.

As the result, Kang Yu and I are punished in front of the class, standing at the edge of room and being whole attention of the class.

This homeroom of mine, he just too…..rock!


1] can’t help not to care


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