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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 62

Since I haven’t found anyone who able to help me out with the translation of substitute bride, continuing what obsidian left, this translation project will take longer than usual. I hope I could keep the pace with CJ.

Translated by Obsidian and Edited by Azurro

Chapter 62

The Flavor of Happiness

“So this is where you’ve been hiding.” At that moment Long Mo Er heard a familiar voice with little enthusiasm in her ears. A warm feeling suddenly lifted her heart.

She wasn’t really accustomed to the flat tone of Che Ye’s voice.   She turned and looked toward him.

“How did you get here? What about older brother Gu Na Yan?”

“He had something to attend to so he already left. Weren’t you looking at the scenery? How did you end up here?” After he and Gu Na Ya finished their short conversation, he looked all around but didn’t see any sign of her. Concerned that something amiss happened to her, he kept looking and finally saw her off in the distance standing here.

“It was a little thrilling! There was a boy who fell in the water. After being fished out (of the water) he was gasping and we all thought he would die. We never expected that at the last moment a doctor would appear. He did something with his hands and somehow the boy woke up. Really wonderful! It like miracle happening!” A distinct radiant expression emerged in Long Mo Er’s eyes as she spoke, looking at Ye Che.

Ye Che attentively listened. He gazed at her, fascinated by the changes in her eyes so much so that he couldn’t get enough. He was becoming more and more addicted. He had absolutely no way to ignore it.

“That doctor is a very extraordinary person!” Long Mo Er said.

“Extraordinary?” Ye Che didn’t understand her use of that word.

“He wore a silver colored mask.”

“Silver colored mask?”

“Don’t know why he wore a mask!” Long Mo Er drew back the corners of her mouth and gazed in the direction where white figure disappeared.

“The world is full of extraordinary things. Wearing a mask is not that unusual. Don’t make impulsive statements.” Ye Che really didn’t know what was inside the small head in front of his eyes. Who knows what spurs the interest of young girls?

She really is very unique.

“Oh, I really didn’t think about that.” Long Mo Er exclaimed.

She immediately opened her mouth again and asked, “Older brother Gu Na Yan already left, so what are we doing next? Are we leaving?”

 Not missing the constant changes in her eyes, between her words and her eyes, Ye Che guessed that she was not really serious about leaving. With a serene smile he said, “Today’s matter is almost completed. We don’t have anything really to do after this. Just now you joined the crowded so that you might not really take good look of Si Xin Lake’s beautiful scenery. Since we are not easy to come all the way here, let’s we stay here little longer before we leave. I’ll take you to look around.”

 “Really?” Long Mo Er was a little overwhelmed by his generosity, speechlessly happy.

 “don’t you want to take little longer to take a look? I thought you’d be happy here and not want to leave.” Ye Che said deliberately.

 “No, I’ll go. I really don’t want to leave” Long Mo Er urgently denied. She didn’t know that Ye Che was joking with her.

 “Then let’s go!”

 Walking side by side, not close, yet not far from the lake, Long Mo Er and Ye Che were silent. Each were thoroughly enjoying this hard to come by moment.

 As Long Mo Er looked at Ye Che by her side she was wondering whether God in looking down on her, was finally considering her yearning.

 It seemed to be like her older sister chasing happiness; if you continued to chase happiness then it would get closer and closer.

But would the happy feelings continue? Would those feelings be allowed to keep going on this way and not stop? Was it possible?

She intensely felt this very sweet secret feeling. It was as if this sweet warm feeling was in her blood, permeating all her veins.

Could they really keep going forward this way?


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  1. Hopefully that i can help you out….
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