Review : Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo

Hey guys, I’m back with my newest beauty haul.

This time I will review about my newest shampoo. I bought Innisfree not long ago because I just want to try other shampoo without expecting too high with the result since most of time I’m so disappointed or just not meet my expectation after used the product.

Having extremely oily scalp and dry hair are so troublesome because I am not sure what types or kind of shampoo I should use, whether the shampoo for oily or dry hair, too confusing.

To ease myself, I just purchased the item randomly, taking whatever I thought perhaps work for my “troublesome” hair so, this time I just want to try something new and my decision fall to Innisfree.

Product description:

A silicon free shampoo with Jeju green tea and mint ingredient that deeply cleanses the scalp for added vitality.

The texture is little bit watery compare to other drug store shampoo such as L’oreal, Pantene (which texture far creamy). the mint smell stronger compare to the green tea.

when applying, Innisfree shampoo does not make lots of foam. It give cooling sensation when applied. I like to make it stay longer about two to three minutes before rinse clean because I love the cooling sensation and fresh clean feeling of the product.

I don’t have problem with the scent since I like green tea and mint so it combo likes. my only dislike only limited to the packaging and price since it looked alike cheap and fake product LOL.

The price more expensive compare to other drug store shampoos but it still reasonable because it imported directly from Korea.

My advice, don’t put high expectation for this shampoo since it won’t give any “amazing” result such as reduce hair-loss, minimize the oil in scalp or others. personally, I just like the scent and sensation that’s all. I don’t think to repurchase since it so pricey for shampoo that does nothing at all.


2 thoughts on “Review : Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo

    1. Hi there,
      So far I haven’t found best hair product for my hair. I have tried many different brand of shampoos and I noticed only one or two products that works even not really meet my expectation.

      Nature shampoo is product from Indonesia produce by Gondowangi and Bayam (spinach) shampoo from Mustika Ratu.
      Both of these brand are well-known for their herb formula in every product they sell.
      I always back to use these two brands.

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