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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 63

Chapter 63 (translated by CJ and edited by Azurro)

Chapter 63

The Arrival of Mu Rong Ji Zi

Since the incident at Yi Xin Lake, Long Mo Er and Ye Che seems to have taken things up a notch, they have been very steady, as if all the past of unpleasant things have not happened before. As long as Ye Che’s shadow is seen at Ye Mansion, close beside it is Long Mo Er’s shadow. They were almost inseparable, as is fitting and understandable.

Everyone at Ye Mansion can see and feel the change in their relationship. The servants that were whispering that Third Young Master will not be exclusively committed to this marriage, looking at the current situation, the Miss from the Long Family has completely occupied the Third Young Master’s heart.

Despite this, everyone cannot understand one thing. Since Third Young Master and Third Young Madam evidently have such a good relationship, why is Third Young Master still sleeping in the study room? They are a couple, but why he still keeps on sleeping in study room?

Today, only Ye Che left the mansion, Mu Rong Ji Zi quickly rushed to Long Mo Er’s yard.

Entering the courtyard, she saw Long mo Er sitting in the middle of the yard, a sweet smile on her face and her eyes looking faraway. The mild sunshine poured over her as if she was a sparkling golden iris. Radiating brilliant shine.

Mu Rong Ji Zi walking towards her, she is smiling and said, “Little Sister what are you thinking that is so mesmerizing?”

“Big Sister-in-law, How come you are here today!” Long Mo Er immediately smiled brighter seeing Mu Rong Ji Zi and stood up to greet her.

“Don’t stand up, I’ll sit next to you, I also want to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers.” Mu Rong Ji Zi briskly walked and sat beside her, quickly stopped her from standing up.

Now seated, Mu Rong Ji Zi stretched out her arms and her body. “Good, sitting here feels really comfortable.”

“Oh! Big Sister in law how come you have time to come over here today?”

“I haven’t been able to be alone with you, Sister. I want to have a chat with you.” Mu Rong Ji Zi turned towards Long Mo Er and said, “Well, we usually have some things we cannot talk about with men.”

Long Mo Er replied with a smile. “How can that be? I saw how Big Brother loves you, how can there be words you cannot say towards him?”

“Hey, things regarding female matters, he doesn’t understand. So there’s no point to tell!”

“Then Big Sister in law, if there is something you want to tell, you can come and see me any time!” Long Mo Er thought it would be great for both of them.

“I saw you were pretty busy these days, spending all day with Ye Che, I was afraid of disturbing you. Today is not easy to see Ye Che going out alone so that I hurried to come pay visit” Mu Rong Ji Zi has been waiting to say these words to Long Mo Er. Today, she has finally said them.

“there’s nothing la!” Long Mo Er began blushing.

“Tell me, how are things between you and Ye Che now?” Mu Rong Ji Zi came closer to Long Mo Er with a curious face.

“Just as usual la!” Long Mo Er shyly replied.

“Which is?” Mu Rong Ji Zi asked with a smile.

“Aiya, Big Sister-in-law.”

“Okay, okay, I will stop teasing you, your face is red.” Mu Rong Ji Zi started laughing aloud.

“Everyone is happy that you and Ye Che seem to be getting along very well now.”

Hearing such words, Long Mo Er’s face remained red. She raised her head to look at Mu Rong Ji Zi who was suddenly showing a serious expression.


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