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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9

Chapter 9

Part 1 (One)

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

“Come here and sing this song for a moment.” One of the music sheets is delivered in front of Feng Xiao Ling; instantly that face which already shows a bitter expression turns even bitterer. “Still… should sing ah!”

“I want to listen to your singing voice.” Han Yue Yi lightly rubs Feng Xiao Ling’s bangs.

The beautiful man schemes! This is absolutely the beautiful man’s scheme!

She clearly understands that under this kind of circumstances she should give a strict rejection, but still, damn…. and again she falls for it.

“Fine… I will sing. This is the last one.” Feng Xiao Ling clears her throat and starts to sing.

Since she encountered him, he likes to ask her to sing all his new songs, again and again; listening to her voice, he never shows any boredom.

After she finishes singing, Feng Xiao Ling lifts up her head, looking at his pair of black pearl eyes. Suddenly her face turns red. Well, she is only an ordinary girl, being stared at by a very handsome man, her face turning red is a natural response.Trying her best to find another reason why her face turned red , Feng Xiao Ling can’t resist asking with her crazily beating heart: “Do I have talent in singing?”

“Why are you asking?” Han Yue Yi frowned.

“Because today I got praised by Miss Dong, she said that my singing voice is not bad.” She happily said.

“Which Miss Dong?” His frown deepens; he dislikes her happy expression when she talks about others.

“Dong Ai Min, Miss Dong, our company singer who sang Sheng Yin, shot the MV together with you, that person who also acted as your partner, that…who is so beautiful, very….”

“Forgot already.” Very simply said that those two words cut off all the nonsense she spouted. “Did you sing for her?” He stretched out his slender fingers, pulling her towards his chest.

“Not counted as such; I was at the recording room that time, very bored, so I sang Sheng Yin and was heard by her.”

“And then? Did she praise you?”

“Yeah!” she nods, but he furrows his eyebrows, “But she did not believe that we are dating! She even said that if you are really my boyfriend, you would absolutely give Sheng Yin to me and let me sing it.”

Very long eyelashes gently draw down, Han Yue Yi holds Feng Xiao Ling’s hand, holding it tight. “Ling, do you want to be a singer?”

Be a singer? She lowers her head; she gives it serious thought for moment. “I never thought about it, moreover my character is not suitable to be a singer.”

“Indeed you are not suitable.” Her answer relieved him so much, “Ling, don’t be singer, this thought and intention, forever don’t think about it anymore.”

The soft voice which bursts out sounds gentle, but at the same time, it is like cursing, the words penetrating deeply into the heart. He grabs her arms tightly, pulling her into his embrace, with strength that almost chokes her.

“Yue Yi, don’t… don’t hold me so tight, I… almost run out breath.” She says and struggles to be released.

“I don’t care, if only you promise me, you won’t be a singer forever.” His cheek gently rubs her soft skin. By hugging her he feels able to share his real feeling with her.

“Why…why can I not be a singer?” She is curious. Speaking frankly, although she never thought to be a professional singer, but….

“Because the person who is able listen to your singing voice should be me.” It’s only him that person, only him, who is able listen to her singing voice, her unique voice.

“Nonsense, Miss Dong thought that my voice not bad. Moreover, Hui Hui and Ke Zhen also said that my singing voice is really good.” She tries to say matter of factly.

He does not understand her, why should she put so much effort to argue? He puts a little strength into his words, “Promise me, you will only sing for me…”

“What a tyrannical request!” She pouts her mouth, determined to disagree.

“Promise me, Ling!” His devilish voice, irresistible and filled with a trap, and also his pair of eyes which seem has some magical attraction, continuously attracting her.

“Why should… ugh, promise….” She tries to brace herself.

“Are you really not going to make the promise?” What kind of temptation?  His current expression is so serious .

“Let me… think for while.” God knows everything: she is an ordinary small girl, facing this beautiful man she turns out to be so easily shaken for something so normal.


“…..” OMG, why is his voice so nice to hear?

“Promise me, please.”

“……” and still his eyes that able to entice, please stop!

“As long as you promise me, whatever you want me to do, I will do it for you…”

“Han Yue Yi!” she pouts her cheeks, “Simply to say you are a big wolf!” He is simply forcing her to give up.

“Well, you are the little riding red hood who fell in love with this big wolf.” He laughs at her.

He is so cute and she…



It seemed as though all of the media and fans in the world were crowded into the press conference.

Originally, this was a very spacious place without the crowds. In this grand situation, definitely it is beyond everyone’s imagination when talking about RainBow recording company.

But, even more beyond others’ imagination is—


“So what you said, the reason you suddenly left your seat in the press conference was because you are hungry?”

“That’s right.”

“Is there another reason?”

“Oh, there is.”

“What is it?”

“I want to hug you.”

Feeling like her jaw dropped!

Feng Xiao Ling stares stupidly at the man standing in front of her, for once again she is trying to affirm to herself that she did not hear mistakenly and think they are facing the same direction when communicating.

Could it be that a genius is genius because they are people who have weirder thoughts than other normal people?

A pair of big hands hugged her, without realizing how dumbfounded she is, directly dragging her into his warm chest. “Ling, the press conference is too boring.”

“Is it…is it true?”

“But, if you ask me to come, I will come.” He gently rubs his forehead to hers, feeling her delicate skin. There is never enough time to hold her, never enough not to miss her, never enough to think of her.



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