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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 64

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translated by Obsidian and edited by Azurro

Chapter 64

A Suggestion to Share the Same Bedroom

 “Actually the entire family has been worried about Ye Che all along. The brothers’ temperaments are all very similar. Even though father and mother always have a smile on their faces, their hearts were always uneasy. It’s better now as Ye Che has you by his side. Not only are Father and mother’s faces happy, now both their hearts are very happy.” Mu Rong Ji Zi slowly disclosed this information.

 Worried about Ye Che? Even though she didn’t clearly understand what Mu Rong Ji Zi was implying, Long Mo Er guessed that the statement meant that at the beginning Ye Che definitely did not approve of the situation surrounding their marriage. Were father and mother worried that Mo Er and Ye Che’s marriage would be unhappy? If that’s what Mu Rong Ji Zi’s was saying then are father and mother happy because the little changes in Ye Che and her relationship?

 “You and Ye Che are now considered husband and wife. You are already completely different from what you two were before. Have you thought about sharing the same bedroom?”   Mu Rong Ji Zi’s words were like dropping a bomb.

 “Huh? Share the same bedroom?” Long Mo Er couldn’t help herself. Her voice rose somewhat. Her face also naturally became abnormally red.

 “Certainly, after all you are husband and wife. You cannot for your entire life let Ye Che sleep in the study room, right? Your relationship has certainly changed!”

 “Big Sister-in-law, why are you….” bringing this up?   Long Mo Er didn’t say the last few words out loud. Her heart begins to be frenzied.

 “Father and mother are no longer young. Consider Father and mother’s impressions about seeing you two sleeping separately! I didn’t want to bring this up but seeing the two elders, I couldn’t stand it anymore.” Mu Rong Ji Zi straight forwardly stared at Long Mo Er waiting for her answer.

 “I…..I….” Long Mo Er couldn’t escape from Mu Rong Ji Zi’s stare and couldn’t answer.

 How could she answer this sort of matter on the spur-of-the-moment?

 A voice came from the courtyard, “Madam, Eldest Young Master has returned. He’s looking for you regarding a matter and had me come over to find you.” It dulled Long Mo Er’s embarrassment.

 Mu Rong Ji Zi casually answered, “You go back first. I’ll be there immediately.” She did not plan to actually leave.

 “But Eldest Young Master wants you to immediately go over. He said there’s an urgent matter.”

 Mu Rong Ji Zi gave a brief glare because of the servants’ timing. She said to Wan Er, “Younger Sister, think carefully about this. I hope you think this through and quickly reach a solution. I have to leave now.”

 Mo Er’s expression of being lost in thought allowed Mu Rong Ji Zi to breathe a sigh of relief.

 Soon afterward Mu Rong Ji Zi got up, walked to the side of the servant and then went outside. The servant obediently followed in back. They left Mo Er’s courtyard.

 “What is elder Young Master’s urgent matter?” Mu Rong Ji Zi hadn’t gotten the result that she wanted. Her tone was rushed.

 The servant very carefully replied as Mu Rong Ji Zi’s mood was not good. “Elder Young Master did not mention it.”

 “Ye Yu had better have a really good reason otherwise I…” Mu Rong Ji Zi gave a cold humph in her anger.

 Mu Rong Ji Zi used a fast pace and quickly returned back to her own house. Her initial glance saw Ye Yu inside, calm and composed, sitting in front of a table, delicately drinking tea.

 Mu Rong Ji Zi firmly asked him, “Don’t you have an urgent matter? Why are you sitting here and drinking tea? You’d better have a good explanation.” Mu Rong Ji Zi’s heart though was uneasy as she sat down face to face with him.

 “First come and drink a cup of tea!” It was as if Ye Yu didn’t perceive her anger. He slowly poured a cup of tea and passed it to her.

 “Don’t you know, I want to immediately hear an answer? Why did you call me back?” Mu Rong Ji Zi’s calmness disappeared as she became angry.

 Seeing she didn’t intend to take the offered cup of tea, Ye Yu was forced to put a cup in front of her.

 “Hey. Say something, OK?”

 “Zi Er, Wan Er and Ye Che’s personal feelings are their own matter. We should not interfere.” Ye Yu spoke unhurriedly.

 “Didn’t I say that younger sister Wan Er has a shy personality when they’re together! I’m helping her, reminding her. What’s the matter with that?”

 “Zi Er, two people’s feelings are their own personal matter. We should not interfere. It will just mess up a good thing. We talked a lot about this yesterday night. Why don’t you understand? And running over there when I’m gone, I really don’t know what else to say to you.” Ye Yu grabbed her. He didn’t know what to do with her at all.

 “I’m just impatient! I want to see everyone in the Ye’s family to be completely happy! You and I are so blessed. I just want everyone to be as happy as we are!” Mu Rong Ji Zi felt somewhat wronged thinking about what was said last night.

 Ye Yu lovingly spoke. “You-my little foolish, I understand your heart and know you want everyone in the entire family to be happy. But there are a lot of things that cannot be forced such as matters of the heart! We can only let time allow them to slowly understand their own feelings for each other.” Ye Yu stood up and went to Mu Rong Ji Zi’s side. He used his hand to slowly lift her beautiful, charming face.

 Mu Rong Ji Zi buried her face in his waist, closely hugging him. Her small voice said “Sorry!”

 “You-my little foolish, How can I blame you? Let everything take its’ course! If fate permits then Che and Wan Er will certainly be blessed.”

 “Ok. I’ll listen to you.”


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