Food : Lunch in Srikandi


Last saturday I was back from office and super hungry, not really sure what I want to eat so, I just stepped my foot at MW. I was looking around, trying to find food to fill my hunger stomach. There was not much cafe opened because it only afternoon so I just made random pick and finally my butt sat down on srikandi, cafe that offer mostly Indonesian food.

to be honest, I don’t really like the place since it so small and pack even without many people. That’s why I took outdoor place.

Srikandi is specialized in Javanese food according to the menu list (as I assume). I ordered chicken curry, fried rice, avocado juice with chocolate and mugbean drink.

Let’s start with the Chicken curry (pic above)
for me the chicken curry is so average and just very poor compare to others chicken curry that I ever tried in similar places. it looked so thick but actually, the coconut milk just too much for me. The color is appealing but far from my expectation.

IMG-20150523-01791Fried rice

Similar with the chicken curry, it just an average to poor fried rice but still eatable so for people who able to eat anything, this fried rice might tasty too moreover if you are hungry. I was ordered spicy (cabe rawit) fried rice with expectation “hot chili sensation” but it not more than simple fried rice with chicken and little onion + chili pickles and not so fresh cucumber+keropok.

to be honest, I rather to eat fried rice that sell in street than this one. not only from price but from seasoning too, it taste completely disappointing.

IMG-20150523-01790Mugbean drink or Es Kacang Ijo (in Indonesian)

I thought compare to food, Srikandi is better in drink because both of the avocado juice and es kacang ijo are taste good compare to the food they sell.

I will never paid any cents of my money to eat at Srikandi except they make improvement. to be honest, I felt so not worthy to spend every cent of my money for those things because price just not suitable to the foods.

Let me make comparison,
I ate in Nasi Goreng Surya (it place not so attractive), fried rice priced IDR 18,000 but it tasteful and I don’t have to pay any additional tax because price has covered all. Srikandi, fried rice priced IDR 33,000 (something) excluded tax and taste so average.


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