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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 65

a8d7f50c36ffcbc5ac97ab81d9d1cc5ftranslated by CJ and edited by Azurro

Chapter 65

Inner Struggle

After Mu Rong Ji Zi left Long Mo Er still remains seating there, staring blankly at the sky. Mu Rong Ji Zi’s words has made her heart completely confused, she doesn’t know what to do.

Become a real couple (by sharing same room and bed)? She didn’t know how.

Although she has given her heart to Ye Che unknowingly, not want to admit it…

Although during these time he has been so good to her…

And she is able to taste such happiness from Ye Che…

But, Ye Che has never said he likes her!

What should she do?

She doesn’t know what he’s thinking or how he feels.

Another thing, she is not really Ye Che’s wife.

“Father and Mother were constantly worried about Ye Che. However, it is good he has you by his side.”

Did Sister-in-law meant what she said? Long Mo Er tried remembering her exact words.

Just then, Mu Rong Ji Zi’s word are becoming clearer, while Long Mo Er’s heart became more unsettled and filled with guilt.

She lied to everyone.

With her being like this, will they still love her, protect and like her?

Sister-in-law, why did you choose today to tell me those words? Why did you do that? Sister-in-law has always been friendly so why are you suddenly saying such words towards me?

Long Mo Er’s heart has become a mess!

Should she go and call for Ye Che to return?

Dazed, she saw her big sister’s pretty face, in her ears she heard a gentle voice.

“You told me before that to pursue my happiness, I need to be courageous. Grab onto yours!”

After saying those words, Sister’s pretty face disappeared.

Why is she suddenly hearing her sister’s voice?

After that revelation, just what is she implying I should do?

The day slowly turns to night and a faint light started flashing from a distance.

Long Mo Er returned from her deep thought to realize that the sky has turned dark and the grass beneath her has turned damp, even a part of her skirt was wet.

Looking back to the house, Lu Qun also didn’t know when the house lights turned on.

All was silent.

Taking a breath, she placed her hands to the ground, she got ready to get up.

Maybe because she sat in the same position for a long time, her body slightly numb, she couldn’t stand up straight and started falling backwards. Long Mo Er closed her eyes and prepared herself to fall and hit the ground.

“Can you be more focus while you are walking? Why are you being careless again?” She felt warm arms catch her falling body and heard distress in his voice.

Feeling this familiar scene, Long Mo Er no longer felt nervous. She knew she was safe; he had once saved her the same way. That one morning, he also appeared by her side, holding her body and saying those exact words. Only this time, they include a gentler tone.

Leaning herself against him, Long Mo Er looked Ye Che in the eyes and saw him doting on her.

She began thinking, if he makes eye contact, maybe she can ask if in his heart, he has grown to care for her as she does for him.

“How can you be by yourself in the yard? What about Lu Qun? Has she become lazy?” asked Ye Che while ignoring the strange look on Long Mo Er’s face.


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 65

  1. thanks for the chapter!~
    i really hope that they will hurry up and confess their feelings to each other!

    wow….we are almost done this novel! thank you so much for translating this story!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I think Ye Che assumes that his wife already knows about his feelings towards her. It’s just that Mo Er is innocent to have not figured it out yet…..hmmmmm……maybe the day that she finally realizes his love is the time the novel ends……..thanks a lot for the translation…..looking forward for the rest……

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