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Fiction : Love and Price Tag (愛情和價格標籤) 1

Here Thunder and Azurro presented…

Chapter 1

The Precious Daughter of Chen’s Family

Chen Jiang was in the middle of business meeting when Xiao Ren, his personal secretary suddenly stood up and walking toward him. Xiao Ren whispered something and at the moment Chen Jiang expression changed. He stood up from the chair and said, “Today meeting is postponed.”

After that, he left the meeting room, followed by Xiao Ren at behind. All the people who joined the meeting were confused and the Marketing Manager even showed awkward facial expression since he was the person who doing the presentation.

Chen Jiang is rushing to hospital after Xiao Ren told him there was called from hospital regarding about Yu Lin minutes ago. His beloved wife suddenly has earlier labor from the estimated day.

“Xiao Lu, drive to M hospital.” Chen Jiang said when he gets into his black BMW.

“Yes Master.” The person who called as Xiao Lu replied.

Less than twenty minutes, Chen Jiang arrived at hospital.

“Brother Jiang!” Zhen Zhen called his big brother when she spotted him running from the in front of the glass door of the hospital.

“How’s Yu Lin?” Chen Jiang asked his little sister.

“Sister in law is still in labor room. Doctors are trying their best to help her.”

“What was happened? How could Yu Lin has earlier labor?”

“I don’t know about the detail. When I arrived at home, I found sister in law sitting in floor and bleeding….” Zhen Zhen could not continue but she is starting to cry.

It was her fault, leaving her weak sister in law alone at home while she went out with her friends. She hopes her sister in law will be fine or else his big brother might kill her if something happen to the baby and mother.

“Silent, Zhen Zhen!” Mei Ran said to her little sister.

Zhen Zhen stopped crying after glared by Mei Ran.

“Why there is no one come out and tell us something?” Chen Jiang said, looking at labor room, as if hoping someone would come out and replied something to him.

“Please brother, take a seat and rest a bit.” Mei Ran is trying to calm her big brother who is walking to and fro in front of the labor room. It has been more than an hour since Chen Jiang arrived at hospital, Yu Lin still inside the labor room that’s why Chen Jiang so worries. No one inform him how’s thing going on and it just makes him worrier and he could not help himself, walking to and fro in front of the labor room.

“How could you expect me to have seat while I don’t know what is happen inside and why the labor process takes so long?”

“But there won’t change anything even you are walking to and fro in front of me. You just make me worrier. Just please have your seat.” Mei Ran pulled her brother to have seat.

It is so normal for Chen Jiang to be worried about Yu Lin because this is his first experiences waiting his first new born baby. He has married Yu Lin for more than six years and expecting their own baby. Finally after waiting for such long time, He got good news about Yu Lin pregnancy. He was so happy and asked Zhen  Zhen, his little sister who “doing nothing” except wasting money to help him taking care Yu Lin while he is in office.

“How is my wife condition?” Chen Jiang asked one of the nurses that come out from the labor room after long awaited three hours.

“Both of the Mother and baby are doing well. Later on, Mrs. Chen will move to patient room.” The nurse said calmly.

“Is it girl or boy?” Zhen Zhen asked.

“She is so beautiful and healthy baby girl.”

Zhen Zhen could feel relieved since her sister in law and her new born niece are doing well. it means, she could live little longer and avoid her big brother anger because she has failed to taking care her sister in law as what her brother asked.

“Congratulation, finally you become father, big brother.” Mei Ran hugged Chen Jiang who is dumbfounded.

He can’t believe that he is father now. After such long time, finally he has become father.

A week later….

Yu Lin has recovered and recharged from hospital.

“Welcome home big sister in law.” Zhen Zhen greeted Yu Lin when she arrived at home and Chen Jiang stands beside her, holding their baby.

“She is so cute.” Zhen Zhen turned her look into the baby girl that held by her brother.

“Have you washed your hands?” Chen Jiang asked Zhen Zhen when she is trying to touch the new born baby.

“What?” Zhen Zhen could not believe his beloved big brother turned to be such over protective father.

“Why should I wash my hands?” Zhen Zhen asked, glaring at Chen Jiang who is holding the baby girl so carefully.

“Don’t you know that baby is easy to get sick since their immunity hasn’t build well enough to fight the bacteria, germ and virus.”

“Oh My! What is happened to my big brother, sister in law?” Zhen Zhen turned her looks to Yu Lin who is smiling.

“He is having father complex perhaps. He has been like this since he saw Xuan Er from the first time in hospital. He even took all his works to hospital, because he wants to stay close with his Xuan Er. I afraid he might not want me anymore.” Yu Lin teased Chen Jiang.

“Why are you jealous with your own daughter?” Chen Jiang frowned.

“It is something so natural for sister in law to get jealous, big brother. You love your ex-girl more than your current wife. Don’t people always say that daughter is the past lover of father?” Zhen Zhen tags along to tease her big brother.

“What is her full name?” Mei Ran asked.

“Yu Xuan, Chen Yu Xuan.” Chen Jiang said happily by looking at that small baby girl which held by his hands.

“It is beautiful name. She will grow as beautiful as sister in law.” Zhen Zhen smiled.

“A beautiful green jade.” Mei Ran said softly, looking at the baby girl who sleep so comfortable in Chen Jiang’s arms.

“Of course she will be the most beautiful girl in this world.” Chen Jiang showed such rare gentle eye sight and warm tone.

Everyone could see how Chen Jiang loves his daughter from the first time that baby girl come into this world. She is protected, spoiled and showered with thousand even million love especially from Chen Jiang.

Chen Yu Xuan, the precious daughter of Chen’s family. A girl that never knew what kind of fate will be given by God to her.


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