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Food review : Eating at Pepper Lunch


It has been while ^-^

So, this post I will review about food at Pepper Lunch which located in Mall Central Point, Medan. Pepper Lunch is quite new Japanese fast food resto in my city. I was visiting one of the outlet last week with my friend Aya and Kyo.

Aya said Pepper Lunch has very unique way in serving their food while Kyo was craving for steak. Finally we gave a try.

Let’s start…


I was ordered Chicken Rice Omelet with curry sauce while Aya ordered Chicken Rice Omelet with brown soup (actually Barbeque sauce).

For me, Pepper Lunch has very simple and average interior design but also very comfy, compare to other fast food resto, I like Pepper Lunch better.

As it said, Pepper lunch is Japanese fast food resto which has many outlets in Asia. when I heard the key word about Japanese food I thought it would be offered Menu such as Sushi. but the signature dish in Pepper Lunch is Steak.

My Verdict:

The chicken is quite juicy and the omelet taste good but the curry sauce really taste not good (still eat-able). I tried to dip little bit the curry with the chicken and omelet but still I hate the taste of the curry. For me, the seasoning too strong for curry (even the normal curry has strong seasoning) and it has very thick texture almost similar to glue.

Price still reasonable (in 50K-200K).

The food in Pepper Lunch is still Okay for me but the Ice Cream really awful + terrible and horror. Why I say so because I could say the Ice cream is taste very sour and felt alike not made from fresh ingredient. I was ordered Chocolate Ice cream but taste alike sour ice cream.

The service is good. The employees have very good attitude and very patience.

Overall, I rated it 6/10.




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