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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.2

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Chapter 9

Part 2 (Two)

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

He…. Han Yue Yi, to ones surprise, is able to be so infatuated by a girl, infatuated to the point, even he is not sure of himself.

Her face slowly reddens, “Why… why…”

“Did you know? I belong to you.” He gently pats her face. “And you… only belong to me, only to me.” He softly caresses her with his slender fingers, touching her lips, gently rubbing her soft lips, every gesture similar to the TV dramas, full of unlimited temptation.

OMGosh… so easy to make people get a nosebleed!

Feng Xiao Ling could not help herself and deeply sighs in her mind; she never thought that her own boyfriend would have these kinds of moves. If this situation keeps on developing, the next step, if she keeps repeatedly falling over him, to think about further such as having sex?1] .

“You…are you hungry?ng… I… let me get some food for you!” she hurries to move, walking and making big steps; she tries to suppress herself, while her heart beats faster than normal.

“Okay.” He calmly and composedly says. He smiles while looking at that petite figure hurriedly walk into the pastry .

His Ling, she is so cute, but also she is so shy.

He never realized before, there will be day that he will fall in love with this kind of girl. A girl who will change him.

Han Yue Yi, so calm and quiet, closes his eyes, waiting in the corner.

And then, suddenly there is a shadow which blocks the light from the window and a soft feminine voice says, “Mr. Han, didn’t you say you hungry? Why don’t you grab something to eat? Why stay in here?”

Without lifting his head, Han Yue Yi lazily said “Get lost, I hate being disturbed by others.”

Dong Ai Min felt obstructed by his cold and unfamiliar speaking tone. This man, he really does not understand today’s press conference is so important for her, but he also does not care. Furthermore, he does even not show up for the most important occasion, very comfortably and leisurely leaving the place; the most cruel thing is he took all the attention with him. While initially this press conference was set up for her, because she is the main role, no one cares whether she in the press conference or not, her existence seems not so important. Even if she is only leaving for a little while to retouch her makeup, there is not much influence for others in the press conference.

“So, how about Feng Xiao Ling, if she comes to disturb you?” finally she spouts out this kind of talk. That pair of eyelashes originally keep lowed now open; Han Yue Yi frowns and looks at Dong Ai Min. “If yes, so what?”

Dong Ai Min grits her teeth, “Han Yue Yi, are you really serious with Feng Xiao Ling?”

“Serious. I am serious and care about her so much, any problem with you?”

That cold tone echos in Dong Ai Min’s ear. A man that she likes is telling her how he loves another girl in front of her; she can not help herself and even becomes angrier.

“Ridiculous, if you really care about her, why didn’t you give her your song which you composed and let her sing it? You don’t know that she owns a very unique voice, do you?” even though she dislikes Feng Xiao Ling, she should admit her voice has something that make people obtain a desire to listen.

On that day when she accidentally listened to Feng Xiao Ling’s voice singing Sheng Yin, she discovered this point!

“If you are really serious and care about her, really love her, why did you give Sheng Yin to me, letting me sing it and why not her? You clearly knew that she could be famous, but why are you hiding her? If you are really in love with her, you will be able to use all your power to make her a super star for the entire world, isn’t that true?”

Her words somewhat awaken him about something. Han Yue Yi throws a cold smile and straightens his body, “You are right, you have heard her voice before.”


“So—-“ he stands up, his pair of black pearl eyes staring at her, “You better off forget  it as soon as possible, don’t leave even a little bit.” He used a very soft voice but inside his words there bears warning and danger, chilling. he is threaten Dong Ai Min.

Dong Ai Min is dumbfounded for moment, forget? “You are really toying with Feng Xiao Ling, or else why don’t you dig out her talent? If there is lot of people able to listen to her voice, she would be….”

“Shut up!” he cut her off, “Why should I dig out her talent? Why should I let other people enjoy and listen to her voice? Her voice, her singing, only I am allowed to listen.”

“Why? You—” Dong Ai Min is extremely astonished. What kind of idea and thought? Is this called the extreme of selfishness, or possessiveness?

“Ling’s voice, it is more than enough if only listened by me, moreover there will be only me who is able to hear it.” Her voice belongs to me, only to me!

“You…. You are….” Dong Ai Min is more than speechless regarding the man in front of her.

“I like her voice, love her singing voice, love it, naturally it should be monopolized. Isn’t this very simple logic?” His smiles gives heavy pressure, making Dong Ai Min feel numb in her head.

“You…you are not normal.” She shouts. A normal person would never have this kind of thought.

“Very coincidental, I never been a normal person so far.” He carelessly says, “Do you want to forget Ling’s voice on your own or should I help you?”


“Cracking your vocal cords, break your fingers…only this way you won’t say things to other people about Ling’s voice.” He is laughing, but his laughing voice sounds more like the devil who is thirsty for blood.




8 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.2

  1. He’s crazy! I love that he’s crazily in love with FXL but his kind of love, in the real world, will eventually suffocate and kill her. I hope he’ll learn to let her decide for herself. Unless, FXL is equally as crazy as HYY to allow him to drag her in a noose, their kind of relationship might not last. But I want them to be together so, come on, HYY, lighten up… anticipating for the next part….thanks, azurro…..

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