Chit Chat: I Had Enough (本小姐不干)

IMG-20121212-01855It’s not the end of world. Sun will rise and set, the day begin and ended…….
Tomorrow will be one brand new day,
Here the chapter of my life keeps on continuing.

I am at the edge of my self limit. I had enough! I had decided to quit and leave the company. My resignation letter had sent out to the HR Department and it still on process.

No one believe when I said that I quit. Aya, my best friend even thought I was joking when were chat on LINE.

For these months, I do feel myself is losing soul as if I were zombie who work from morning to night. Days are really flies without I realized what I have done for these past months. I don’t even have time for proper meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I drink lot cups of coffee in order to boost my energy. My works are file up more and more everyday. Moreover I feel sick with two faces people in my work environment.

There is no regret that working in such company because I learn many things, not only about skill and knowledge but I learn about life and human characters. I was too naive, thought perhaps only the works matter me but actually those kiddos are not kids. They are more mature than I thought, they are more vicious and ambitious.

Perhaps “white collar” job isn’t suitable for me moreover there are lot of verbal and written “rule” to obey. Most of the rule just not make sense for me.

Before I wrote the resignation letter, I asked myself what would I do after I quit? does thing really come to the point resign might the best solution? The worst finally happen and there is no regret.

Instead be sad because I might become jobless, I feel so much relieved and happy. To be honest there is no such death end for me because I always believe God won’t ever leave me alone. Two days after I sent my resignation letter there was phone call from someone who wanted to hire me as part-time tutor. Without doubt, I took the opportunity, at least after I quit, I still have something to do, still be paid even not as high as white collar employee.


16 thoughts on “Chit Chat: I Had Enough (本小姐不干)

  1. I’m glad you left if it was dragging you down that much. No job is worth your mental/physical health. I left my first paying job so fast that I never even went back to pick up my paycheck. It really wasn’t a good fit for me. I later found a job with a company where I stayed for 15 years. Don’t worry, you will find a company or career that will be a better fit. Best wishes!

      1. Yes! The job was a nightmare and was violating several labor and safety laws. was young and never experienced anything like that job before. I told them I was leaving and never went back to pick up my paycheck. I was only there for a week and I didn’t want to set foot back in that place again. I just chalked it up to experience and took more time to investigate my next job before accepting it.

  2. That is a big decision to make but it reads to me that you really thought it out ahead of time. I actually went back and read some of your diary entries over the past year and a lot of them had to do with work pressure. My first job after university gave me tension headaches every day but my next series of part-time jobs were what I ended up going into full time so sometimes, change is good for you and your health. Best wishes!

    1. Ah~ you are right humbledaisy.
      I have thought it over and over. I have ensured myself things will be better once I managed myself to get used with the work pace and workload. But the fact, things got worst to the point I just at my limit.

  3. Good for you. You took the time to think about the decision, and now that it is made live without regrets. My last full time job I didn’t leave until I was at the point of having weekly panic attacks and crying fits, so good for you for not waiting too long. You will find something that is a better fit.

    1. Yeah.
      I always tell myself to live without regret no matter what happen to life whether good or bad. I always trying to seek every positive things because I believe every thing that happen must have reason.

  4. It will all be OK. You will especially be OK. Your commitment to this blog shows you are definitely a person with responsibility and talent. I have no doubt you will do just fine. Everything always work it self out somehow. (JiāYóu!!)

  5. It take courage to admit what is right & wrong for you, Azurro. I was worry for you when you shared your difficulty at your job.

    I endured my first job for 5.5 years with so many abuses. Came out of there a bitter person with very low self-esteem thinking I would not be able to find another job.

    But hey! I’ve another job straight and been this current job for over 10 years now.

    I am sure there will be a job fit for you. A job with your own name attach to you. This tutoring job may not be paying much but don’t lose faith. Take this tutoring job as a stepping stones to a better job in the near future.

  6. Life is too short, sometime you don’t know what will happen. Follow your heart! Believe in yourself. If you have skills and knowledge no matter where you go you will excel. All company are the same, once you are in management level you will understand. If you are in rank and file the job responsibility and people around you is also different. The most important is your boss. If you have a good boss that always there to guide you and support you whenever you need assistance that will be the best company to work. I’m sure good things will come once you have positive mind. All the best and good luck to you. Gambette!! Fighting!!!

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