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Tjong A Fie Mansion


Tjong A Fie Mansion is one of the famous place that must be visited when you are in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia. If you are Medanist (people who live in Medan) you perhaps know more or less about Tjong A Fie, the wealthiest man in Medan during the dutch colonization hundreds years ago.

Little about Tjong A Fie (you also able to read in wikipedia)
most of the Medanist know Tjong A Fie, the richest man in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia as successful  Business owner. He was the first Chinese who appointed by Dutch as leader for Chinese community in Medan. He was known as someone good and also respected by the Chinese who lived in Medan.

I have heard his story since I was young but never have chanced to come visit on his Mansion because it was prohibited years ago. To be honest, years ago when I was kid, most of people were not dare to come near Tjong A Fie mansion because folks said that mansion is still haunted by Tjong A Fie and his death family members.

Well, when I was asked by group of friend to have toured inside Tjong A Fie Mansion, I took the chance since it has already open for public. I paid about IDR 35,000 for the entrance fee (about USD 2.50 or 3) and you will able to see and explore Tjong A Fie Mansion which is not that scary as folks said.

Most of the “ancient” equipment or furniture aren’t much but you still able to see the old building of the Mansion with little bit renovation but the old building structure still there.


There are several place inside the mansion that I could not take the photo because the tour guide not allowed me and they also put sign of no camera or video for that several place such as Tjong A Fie’s bedroom. Even Tjong A Fie mansion is open for public but still there are some place that you couldn’t get inside whether only to take a look or take a picture. Some of the room are locked.

C360_2015-05-23-15-59-10-847Here is the kitchen in Tjong A Fie Mansion. The tour guide told they are trying to keep everything as the origin.

IMG-20150523-01796This photo is taken when I was at second floor veranda. I took the outside scenery from that veranda and spotted tourist who came to visit Tjong A Fie mansion.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time touring at Tjong A Fie Mansion. Ah ya, Tjong A Fie Mansion is located in Kesawan Street, Medan, North Sumatera-Indonesia which is one of the busiest street during the day time and also one of the crowed place and full of entertainment during the night. Tjong A Fie Mansion is also one of favorite tourist spot in Medan and not far from the mansion you can visit Merdeka Walk, place for culinary and also street market.


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