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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 67

translated by CJ and edited by Azurro

Chapter 67: An Embarrassing Morning

The following morning’s first light shone warmly in the serene room, on the bed were two figures that seemed so comfortable.

After some time, Long Mo Er opened her eyes.

She has not slept so well in a long time, last night she was so at ease, felt warm, she didn’t even know when she fell asleep.

Long Mo Er felt a slight movement next to her and realized that someone was lying beside her. She turned her head cautiously and saw Ye Che’s sleeping face so close to hers that she can clearly see his long eye lashes.

“This must be an illusion, there’s no way Ye Che would sleep beside her.” Long Mo Er closed her eyes thinking that when she opens them again the illusion would be gone.

But as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw his beautiful face, his long eye lashes, his upright nose, and that rosy mouth of his…

She can clearly see his familiar face.

Startled by what she saw, Long Mo Er sat up and screamed loudly, “Ah!”

Ye Che, who was sleeping, heard her and woke up. Seeing Long Mo Er’s panic-filled face, Ye Che immediately assessed what was going on.

“Don’t shout. It’s me. It’s fine.” Ye Che quickly covered Long Mo Er’s mouth with his hand.

“Don’t shout! Otherwise, you’ll call everyone here and they will see and you realize what that means?” Ye Che reminded her.

“I.” Long Mo Er’s head nodded, bewildered and embarrassed.

“Now, I will let go.”

After composing herself, Long Mo Er looked at Ye Che with panic and started backing away. “How did you… How can you be in my bed?”

“Watch out!” Seeing Long Mo Er back away and about to fall from the bed, Ye Che threw his arms around his waist and pulled her towards him.

“It’s a little confusing! Hey! You… How can you be here?” Long Mo Er stuttered as she observed that they are still in bed and his face is so close.

“Mo Er, I wasn’t planning on staying yesterday, but a certain someone was holding on to my hand and was begging me not to go!”

Ye Che observed that Long Mo Er has stopped struggling against him, settled himself with her in his arms and looked directly at her.

“Oh?” Hearing Ye Che’s words, Long Mo Er began to remember.

“As someone was grabbing my hand, I certainly couldn’t go. I had to wait until that someone was asleep before trying to loosen the hand but still that someone won’t let go. I had no choice but to sleep here.” Ye Che said with a laugh. He obviously is in a good mood.

Hearing his words, Long Mo Er’s memory returned completely and realized what happened. “My God! No way! How could I have done that?” Long Mo Er shyly covered her face with her hands. She feels so embarrassed that she couldn’t look at him.

How could I have been so bold?” Long Mo Er asked with much chagrin.


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