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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 4.3

Chapter 4 The Beginning of Scandal

The class is continuing, but I sense there is fellow classmate who silently looking at Kang Yu and I, their stare even makes me feel embarrassing.

After the class ended, I just want to breathe fresh air, but I stopped by Kang Yu.

“What?” I asked him.

He rolled his eyes, said “It seems there is something get into my eyes, please help me to see, I feel uncomfortable.”

I thought why should he asked me but afterall he has helped me just now so no matter what it is I should thanks him. Moreover I do not waste so much energy to help him take a look his eyes.

“Inside the eyes? Which ones?”

“I think both of the eyes; please you take a look for the both.”

He lets me to have seat, facing toward his pair of eyes directly.

But I could not see anything get into his eyes, it just so normal, he has very bright and clear eyes.

About ten seconds, I have said there is nothing, suddenly Kang Yu said, “Okay, I thought there is nothing.”

I frowned, at moment he said there is something but another moment he said there is nothing. What mischief he tries to do? Ah~ not care too much, I just hurried to go to toilet.

Once I turned my head, I able to see there are many classmates who are looking towards us, moreover they are whispering:

“have you seen, both of them are lovingly looking at each other.”

“I have seen it, have seen it…”

“It seems they are communicating through eyes….”

I turned back my head, looking at Kang Yu, I see he patting his head, smiling sweetly looking at me.

I feel blank.

As the result, there is the beginning of gossip about something between Kang Yu and I which are spreading to the entire….


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