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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.3

Chapter 9

Part 3 (Three)

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

Dong Ai Min said, “Your act is called a crime!”

“Well, let it be a  crime.” His expression, his way speaking, all of these are showing he is not joking, that he is serious. He surely will able to do so.

Heaven, how could she have fallen for this man before? He obviously is someone so scary, but how could she have never sensed it before? Dong Ai Min was just realizing how scary and terrifying a man stands in front of her.

“Say it, which one do you wish to choose?”

“You…. really love Feng Xiao Ling’s voice that much?”

“Perhaps I am infatuated. So infatuated to the point I can’t live without…” a kind of infatuated which never makes him bored, making him never know when to ends or stop , “so that, how could I let others listen to Ling’s voice!”

“Perhaps—–you just love my voice?” Unexpectedly, a voice comes from a petite figure standing in front of the door, her hand holding a warm cake.

“Ling!” the cold voice turns to panic, her expression somehow making him feel insecure.

“You said you love me, but actually you just like my voice only, don’t you?” Feng Xiao Ling said. The cake is warm but somehow she feels it turn colder and colder.

“I really love your voice.” He does not deny, answering her.

His answer is like a hammer that smashes all her expectations, smoothly crushed a mirror and broke it into countless pieces.

Her hands get even colder, she hastily put down the cake, she flies like an ostrich, running away. She just wants to cry. He has said, he said….he only loves her voice. Why, why should it happen when she has already fallen for him, she found out later the answer?

So the thing that she thought before, things that are called love actually is her unrequited love.

“Don’t go!” Han Yue Yi grabs Feng Xiao Ling’s hand, “I forbid you to leave and run away from my side!”

“Let me go!” she shouts.

“I won’t let go, forever I won’t give up!” he holds her wrist more firmly.

She tries to break apart his fingers that are as hard as steel, but no matter how she tries it won’t work.

“Stop wasting your energy.” He still held her wrist, unwilling to let her go, but he puts her hand onto his lips, “I have said that you are forbidden to leave me, so you are not allowed. I like your voice, love it, so what is wrong with that?”He has warm lips but no matter how she touches them, they feel so cold to her. “Hurt!”

“Is it hurtful? So make it more painful.” He whispers, very soft so only both of them are able to hear it. Did she hurt? But why did he feel even more hurt than she? He just cannot bear the fact that she wants to leave him.

She had said that she loves him, but why would she still want to leave him? He cannot afford the distance that she made, even this little bit, he is not able to accept it.

His expression, his voice, his gesture…all of it shown as if he is already insane, she helplessly shuddered.

“Let…let go…”

“I won’t let go, I won’t ever let you go. Ling, you are mine!”

“I don’t want! I don’t want be with you!” She did not know where her strength came from but at the time she was panicking and then pushes him, “You only love my voice. I would rather never sing for my entire life!”

No wonder he always asks her to sing every time he has made a new song, no wonder the almighty him, again and again appeared at her side.

So that…all was because of her voice.

She owned the princess’s voice which attracted the prince’s attention, but she isn’t a princess, she does not have luck as a princess.Han Yue Yi coldly stared at Feng Xiao Ling’s shadow who has been trying to leave him. This time, he doesn’t chase her because of her tears; because her face shows fear of him, it makes him release her.

Damn, she is crying and he feels even more pain!

While her expression shows fear…he had said before, he did not want to see that kind of expression anymore.


He makes a fist and punches the window glass. The glass breaks into countless pieces, Han Yue Yi did not even feel it.

“Ah!” Dong Ai Min who had stayed dumfounded for long time suddenly shouted, “Your hands….”

“Hand?” He does not care about his hand that is already bleeding fresh blood, “It is only bleeding a little bit.”

Come on, that is not a little bit, but his hand is covered with fresh blood. Dong Ai Min feels facing this kind of man, her heart might stop beating.

Blood, it is bleeding not little, but he does not even care about it!

Han Yue Yi is only able to stare at the empty corridor that petite figure left by. Ling? Why?

Why should she afraid of him?

Why should she cry?

Why? Why?


11 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.3

  1. Perhaps Han is viewed as someone who has mental-illness, extreme-possessive or whatever people like to say XD
    but how much we could expect from someone born with that character, it genes. moreover he had lost his parent since young. No one could teach him right and wrong after his beloved mother passed away while his selfish father choosing to leave him and followed his mom.
    Yeah, even whatever he done is not an excuse.
    He doesn’t know how to love properly. Love isn’t possession…

  2. thank you so much for the update 😊😊…. He obviously loves her amd they should both hurry up and realize it

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