Thank You for helping me to grow


“Thank you for helping me to grow”

I have told my trainer and seniors in office at my last day. Yeah, I am officially quit. I was notified yesterday morning and it was my last day.

I feel so much relieved and happy, there no regret. when I said “Thank you for helping me to grow”, it really came from my deepest heart, very sincere. During three months training period, I learned many things. Knowledge, skill, characters and also people.

more complicated office politics, more complicated work flows, and many more.

Today is my first day that I don’t need to hurry for working. No documents or paper work to do, no dateline, no phone calls ringing and bla bla bla….

Well, resign doesn’t mean nothing to do but I will work harder, quickly to find another job so that I won’t feel alike useless.

Let’s start the day with smile


17 thoughts on “Thank You for helping me to grow

  1. Good luck with your job hunt! Some jobs just don’t work out because they don’t bring out the best in us, but once you find the job that fits you, it’ll be a lot less stressful and much more fun to go to work 😀

  2. Hi azzuro

    B4 u go and start a new job in the near future, do it like you r researching for all your beauty products.

    First of all ask yourself what kind of job u want? Will it be similar as the previous one? How nuch company politics you want to get involve in. The higher the position the more politics it involves. What position you want? Research the job first before u answer once you r offer? Research what kind of the company is it and ask yourself CAN you handle it (politics and workload)

    1. Well said.
      It will be nice if it could be applied. The fact, Indonesian culture isn’t work like that. There are not much people want to say the truth even when they quit from working place.
      To be honest, when I applied job to that company. I had asked some people, even the insider (the staff).
      Only those who had ever work inside would know the reality.

      1. Utilise your guts instinct on what you see in or outside of the company. Make a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Research the company of the net to find what they r like.

        Trust your guts instinct and not second guess them. When u go to job interview, open your eyes to see what requires you to see such as, environment of the internal building, people facial expressions (whether they look stress or happy, etc)..Open your ears to hear.

        Coming down of everything pray before hand asking God to give favours and mercy.

      2. Sorry that I hijack this post but I’m surprised to find out that you’re from Indonesia. Which part of Indonesia are you from? (If you don’t mind me asking that personal question.) I’m from Indonesia too (Jakarta) but have been living in U.S. for almost 20 years. I still have lots of families back there & visit them at least once a year. It’s cool to find out that we’re from the same country. 😃

        I read your General’s translation a while back. I’m looking forward to read your other translation once it’s finished. Good luck looking for a new job!

    1. Cool. My good friend here in U.S. is originally from Medan too. Thanks for your hardwork in translating these novels.

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