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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 68


Chapter 68

Losing Chance for Intimate Act

The shy expression of Long Mo Er looks so lovely, it makes Ye Che speechless. Silently he is looking at her, admiring her. He teases her, makes her shy and because of it, he even happier and laugh only by doing this kind of action. Before, he never thought that teasing other people is such fun. Having her, he couldn’t control himself for not teasing her. When Ye Che realized how immature his action, he breaks into laughter.

When Long Mo Er heard his laughing sound, she puts down her hands, looking at him, feeling very embarrassed, she said: “You are not allowed to laugh at me.”

While Ye Che not even takes her words, he feels so happy, looking at her.

“You don’t laugh at me, you laugh, if you laugh, I will ignore you.” Long Mo Er is helpless to say that words. She really didn’t understand herself, how could she do such action? How could she be so audacious for asking Ye Che to stay with her? Oh Heaven!

“Ignore me?” Ye Che stopped to laugh but there still a trace of his smiling face. “Ah, what a pity, I even want to say, it will be so good if there is someone who want to accompany me sleep every night, I never slept this comfortable before! If you ignore me, it better for me to take back what I said!”

“Are you serious?” Long Mo Er is stuffed with Ye Che’s words, she is impatience asking him, her eyes looked into Ye Che’s face, waiting him to stop laughing.

She really wants to know Ye Che’s feeling, would his feeling be same or not with hers, if there is same, does it means Ye Che likes her? Could it be explain little bit, Ye Che perhaps love her? She really wants to know about it.

“Are you really wants to know?” Ye Che looking at Long Mo Er’s twinkling eyes, looking her frowning expression, looking at her delicate, tender and beautiful pinkish lips……

Ye Che’s eyes are starting to look more detail, he closely seeing at Long Mo Er, slowly he lower his head.

Being looked with ardent eyes, Long Mo Er feels her head white blank, she could not think of anything.

Silently and slowly she closed her pair of eyes, nervous, her heart thumping, she could feel the warmness of Ye Che’s breath, his warm breath slowly by slowly closer to her face, she completely stopped for this moment.

Right the moment, Ye Che almost touch Long Mo Er’s lips, so close, door suddenly being opened “Peng” a sound of the door being pushed, it surprised Ye Che who suddenly raised his head up, looking at the door direction.

“Miss, that Na Yan Young Master is looking at Third Young Master.” Lu Qun’s voice pierced into that two people ears. “But, Third Young Master is missing, and Na Yan Young Master asking me to come here to find you, and now, he is on the way coming here with Big Young Master and Big Young Madam.”

“Ah!” when she heard what Lu Qun said, Long Mo Er panicking and opened wide her eyes, realizing that she still in bed, she even sat on Ye Che lap and embrace by him, suddenly she released herself from Ye Che and makes distance, jumping from bed, panicking stand up from bed.

What should I do? How could I forget the habit of Lu Qun who likes to barge into my room? What would Lu Qun thinks when she spotted Ye Che is still sitting in her bed? What should I do? Ah~ Lu Qun said that Big Brother Na Yan, Big Brother, and Big Sister in Law are heading here? if being seen by them, what would they say? Long Mo Er goes pale because of panic.

When she feels her hand being hold, Long Mo Er turns her head, she sees Ye Che has already standing beside her, looking at her with warm eyes, so that she could feel little bit at ease and peace, as if said, “Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

With this kind of eyes sight, Long Mo Er feels more peaceful and not panic anymore. Her feeling and mood become calmer. She does not need to worry too much, because she believes in Ye Che. He will settle everything.


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