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Drama : 花千骨 The Journey of Flower


I haven’t really up date my Drama list for there past month. Since I had focus to work and also doing little bit translation, I have almost missed out Hua Qian Gu and now, I am marathon, watching this drama.

Well, I have known the novel long time before the drama air, if I am not mistaken it has been big buzz since two years ago. Many netizens talking about Fresh Fruit (fresh guo guo) book. Hua Qian Gu is kind of novel which I mostly would avoid  because the twist and also the sorrow of the leads. For me, Hua Qian Gu is heavy novel moreover it is Xian Xia / Wu Xia genre which harder to read for non-chinese speaker like me.

for those who had read it say, the story has happy ending but some say it won’t. Well, at least it isn’t open ending. because I don’t really like an open ending story. I was doubt to start the novel so I decided to start from the drama which capture my heart by it’s beautiful posters and trailers.

so far I do really enjoy the drama so much perhaps because I like the casts. I have read many comment, said the drama and the novel is little bit different. perhaps, I will start to read the novel for better understanding.

My favorite character is not Bai Zi Hua instead I like Sha Qian Mo played by Ma Ke and Hua Qian Gu played by Zhao Li Ying. To one surprised, I dislike Bai Zi Hua character most after Xia Zi Xun, that fairy who falls deeply for Zi Hua.

11421961_1624467464458036_2026264971_nI always like the scenes every times there is Qian Gu and Sha Jie Jie AKA Sha Qian Mo. They are too cute and sweet together.

So, what is your favorite character in Hua Qian Gu?


2 thoughts on “Drama : 花千骨 The Journey of Flower

  1. Me, too, on Sha Qian Mo. Both the novel and the drama needed to spend more time on how characters become evil. His character doesn’t seem evil enough to play his role in the underworld.

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