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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.4

For once again Ling felt as if her heart torn into pieces when she heard Han and Dong Ai Min conversation. Ling has said to herself, she isn’t Cinderella and her life won’t be similar with those fairy tales which she read during her childhood. She only wants to have simply life, a happy life with a man who loves her as who she is.

She has knew that a man, Han Yue Yi just too perfect for plain girl alike her. When Han Yue Yi confessed to her, she felt as if she was dreaming and choosing to believe Cinderella’s life, perhaps exist. At least, that how she thought.

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Chapter 9

Part 4 (Four)

She belongs to him, she can only belong to him. Even if she denied it he won’t allow her to do so!

“Han, what happen to your hand?” After waiting for the person for such long time, finally Sai Ye spotted Han Yue Yi. Once he was in the room, he saw the glass window had turned into countless pieces while Dong Ai Min looked dumbfounded.

“Nothing at all.” Han Yue Yi used a very soft voice.

“Oh God, you still said nothing. See you hand has bleed this much, hurry and go to the hospital!” Sai Ye said. Han Yue Yi was dragged forcibly to the basement where the car was parked, “Where is Feng Xiao Ling, how could I not see her, and how could your hand be bleeding….”

He hadn’t finished but he saw the other party’s expression has turned so awful.

This is not because….

“Did you have fight with Feng Xiao Ling?” Sai Ye guesses carefully.

“Fight?” he closes his eyes, while his hand still bleeds, “Ling, she wants to leave me, she is still afraid of me!”

“What? What’s the matter this time?”

“I like her singing voice, can’t I?” he murmurs.

“You and her…”

The noisy voice suddenly rises up, once the big door opens, the sudden flash and shutter sounds cut off Sai Ye’s words.

“Mr. Han, how could you injure your hand?”

“A very short moment ago Miss Dong was leaving this place, did she have something to do with the wound on your hand?”

Suddenly there are so many reporters surrounding Sai Ye and Han Yue Yi; they ask lots of questions.

Hell with it (cursing word)! Really well chosen timing (sarcastic words)!

Silently Sai Ye blames himself for his carelessness and thoughtlessness. Because he saw Han Yue Yi hurt his hand, he forgot that today was the press conference. There are reporters in the press conference hall, still has many reporters who are waiting, but there were some reporters who were not invited for the occasion waiting to make a small report, so they have been waiting outside for an opportunity.

“Please move away, now I need to send Mr Han to the hospital, please move away.” Sai Ye tries to break the crowd, pulling Han Yue Yi to get into his own car.

“Mr. Han, is Miss Dong your girlfriend?”

“Until today, you never admitted whether you are dating a woman, or are you not interested in women?” This question sharply hits him.

Well, regarding this question, everyone who is familiar with Han Yue Yi knows he won’t answer the question. So most of the reporters were busy taking picture.

“I love.” With a very soft voice, no noise, it is enough to silence all the reporters surrounding him.

So that, after his statement, the noise becomes louder.

“Mr. Han, when you said that, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Is she in showbiz? Or is she someone outside showbiz?”

“How long have you been dating her?”

There were many questions being asked during a very short time.

“I do really love her, so in love with her.” He said it to make others listen, or does he say it for himself? Ling, you should know his feeling toward you, shouldn’t you? “Love her so much until I am infatuated by her, love her until….”

Get sick, become crazy, all because of her….

All of the reporters are dumbfounded when looking at Han Yue Yi, they even forget to press the shutter. The current him, is he still the arrogant and elegant Han Yue Yi that they know? The almighty Han Yue Yi?

God, what kind of woman is able to make the greatest composer in this century fall in love?

The most beautiful woman who is equal to a fairy? Or an incomparably smart woman?


7 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.4

  1. God, what kind of woman is able to make the greatest composer in this century fall in love?

    The most beautiful woman who is equal to a fairy? Or an incomparably smart woman?

    me: nope just your averange woman with nice voice

  2. After all they said to each other I am surprised Ling is still so insecure. And hypocritical. After all, she definitely loves him because of his beauty and his talent–why can’t he love her talent? Because she doesn’t realize how talented she is? Or because she just wants an ordinary love? By loving him she already chose a love that is not ordinary. And why does she think that his loving her voice means he doesn’t love her?

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