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Fiction : Love and Price Tag (愛情和價格標籤) 2

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Chapter 2

Chen’s Main House

It still early in the morning but all people in Chen’s Household are looking so busy, walking to and fro, from outside and inside the house. The one who has nothing to do only eighteen years old Chen Yu Xuan, sitting at her room’s veranda and stare blankly.

“Ah~ so boring…” Chen Yu Xuan sighed.

She has been staying at Chen’s main house since her summer holiday started. Chen Jiang was punished her to stay at the main house with Zhen Zhen, her aunty. It not alike Chen Yu Xuan dislikes her childish aunty, Zhen Zhen but she just hates staying at the main house because there are lots thing and rules to obey moreover the elders are so strict and conservative.

As Chen Yu Xuan able to remember things, her first time came to visit main house when she was three or five years old. The elders were summoning Chen Jiang to bring Yu Xuan to main house. She thought main house was fun place for playing but she wronged. It was similar to hell and she promised herself to stay away from Chen’s main house as long as she able to do so.

And now…

Her summer holiday is ruined. All just thanks to Zhen Zhen, her aunty who persuaded her to skip school for a week in order to accompany Zhen Zhen to Paris. When Chen Jiang knew his beloved daughter skipped the school for days, he was so angry. Instead of scolding, shouting, screaming or any physical punishment, Chen Jiang prefer to send Chen Yu Xuan to main house because he knows very well how his beloved daughter hates to be there not even for an hour. Moreover Chen Yu Xuan should stay and spend her summer holiday a month with the elders in main house as her punishment. She felt hopeless and thought, perhaps she might go insane after the summer holiday.

When sitting and day dreaming, she recalled her conversation with Chen Jiang, a day before she left her house for staying at main house.

“Daddy, why should you send me to main house? I would rather to receive any punishment than staying at main house during summer holiday.”

“What is so bad about main house? You have been long time not come to visit main house, the elders are missed you so much.”

“But Dad…”

“You are staying at main house for this summer holiday, there is nothing to say anymore or do you want to stay there for winter holiday too?” Chen Jiang has decided.

She knows her father very well, Chen Jiang is someone who hard to change once he has made decision. he is a type of man who will do what he has said. So that when Chen Jiang said there is nothing to say, better for Chen Yu Xuan to stop or else she would need to spend another holiday in Main House.

Chen Yu Xuan has been staying at main house for two weeks and she still has another two weeks before school start. Today all the people in main house are so busy to prepare welcoming party for her cousin called Jia Hong. This fellow cousin is someone she never seen before so she does not know how Jia Hong looks alike and why everyone such busy to welcome him.

Since she does not have anything to do, perhaps she should come and bother her aunty, Zhen Zhen who also sent to main house. Chen Yu Xuan finally stood up after two hours sitting and day dreaming from her veranda chair. She walks out from her room directly heading to third floor which is Zhen Zhen’s room.

“Aunty Zhen Zhen!” Chen Yu Xuan called when she spotted middle aged woman who dress beautifully in corridor heading to living room.

“Oh, my little sweet heart, Yu Xuan.” Zhen Zhen used to call Chen Yu Xuan “little sweet heart” even if Chen Yu Xuan has asked her aunty to stop called her that way. She feels so embarrassed.

“Aunt, please stop to call me that way.” Chen Yu Xuan pouted her mouth.

Zhen Zhen is laughing, looking at her niece she said: “Are you looking for me?”

“Ah yeah, I am so boring.”

“Well, how about you come with me. We should get prepare ourselves for tonight party.” Zhen Zhen said.

“Aunt, this is such early in the morning. There is no need to be hurry since the party will be at night.” Chen Yu Xuan is confused looking at Zhen Zhen.

“Dear, don’t you know that women need the longest time to prepare themselves in order to look “proper” in any occasions.”


“Let’s don’t waste the time. You are going to salon with me and also boutique to find best dresses. We must look perfect tonight.” Zhen Zhen dragged her niece to follow her.


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