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C-Drama: The Whirlwind Girls (旋风少女)

the whirlwind

Up dated:

Recently K-Dramas become such boring and unattractive. I don’t even know what K-drama that I really want to watch. None that really make me interested or give me that addicted vibe.

Whirlwinds girls (旋风少女) is drama that bring up sport as theme. It not kind of genre I like but at same time I don’t hate it, depend on the story plot and also the cast. Be honest, when I decided to watch this drama when I found out there are lots of my favorite actors take part such as Chen Xiang (Sean Chen), Yang Yang, Wu Lei, etc.


An orphan girl named Qi Bai Cao whom teacher losing the right for teaching YuanWu Dao (type of chinese martial art) being chased out from Quan Sheng Dojo (a room or hall in which judo and other martial arts are practiced) and later on she joins another Yuan Wu Dao dojo which called Song Bai dojo. In Song Bai she meets many great Yuan Wu Dao practitioner, in process to growth and becomes stronger she experiences tight competition either in Yuan Wu Dao or love, friendship and “sportsmanship”.

The Actors and Actresses
127671592_14285407139011nHu Bing Qing played as the female lead Qi Bai Cao who has very stubborn and strong character. She is type hardworking girl that always give the best until the last.
For me, Hu is type plain actress but she gives somewhat fresh atmosphere. Perhaps I have been influence by the Korean Actresses “beauty standard” that why I said Hu Bing Qing little bit plain. But actually she is really own that natural beauty of the Mainland Chinese girls. About her works, I never watched any of them until I start whirlwind girls. So, this is the first drama where I spotted her and for me, there is no complain for her acting (at least I don’t find any annoying things in hers)

2015040811081953126Yang Yang played as the first male lead Ruo Bai who seems to live with Yuan Wu Dao. Ruo Bai character is well-known to be cold, serious and hardworking. He is the strongest Yuan Wu Dao practitioner in Song Bai after his best buddy, Yu Chu Yuan quit from Yuan Wu Dao. in surface he is someone cold but actually he type of person who live passionately either in Yuan Wu Dao martial art or love.
This is the first time I could watch Yang Yang acting in every episode and also become lead. As I remembered, first time I spotted Yang Yang was in Youth Melody (Leo Ku, Zhou Mi SJ). Since then, I like Yang Yang so much but later on his project (not really good ones) somewhat disappointing perhaps the roles he took as second lead or playing unimportant roles. I don’t refer to his acting skill but more about every project that he took before, so that I believe if Yang Yang gets chance and good script he might able to be as famous as Hans Zhang.

20150624104018827c6Chen Xiang played as Fang Ting Hao, the bossy playboy prince who won Yuan Wu Dao world Championship. his life rival is Yu Chu Yuan.
Chen Xiang has played many dramas with many different character such as in Luo Pao Tian Xin as someone cold and expressionless (very similar with hanakimi), Bu Bu Jing Qin (sequel), Shu Nu Zhi Jia (such tragedy drama), Tian Xia Mi Mi (collaboration with Korean actress)
As singer he has soft voice and I just like his voice color 😉

127925742_14345102435531nWu Lei and Tan Song Yun played as Hu Yi Feng and Fan Shao Ying. Both of them are the sweetest pair in this drama.
Wu Lei is child actor who has played many drama but only the newest legend of condor heroes that left me deep impression about this teenage actor (he is 15 years old)
Tan Song Yun, I didn’t recall where I watched her. She has similar face which Taiwanese Actress called Wang Yi Wen (Sylvia Wang)

My opinion
For me this drama quite good, for someone like me who not really pond of sport genre or theme, this drama well-write and the plot not bad. I really enjoy the drama further more it filled many good actors and actresses.

My focus in this drama is Yang Yang, perhaps I used to watch him to play role as GoMiNam (beauty man with sift side) so this time when he played as Ruo Bai I able to see how well he is improving. Other than roles, his feature (appearance) changed so much. He has eyes that resemble to Li Yi Feng, more manly, he also gives vibe alike Wu Yi Fan, the former of EXO member and Lee Jong Seok hair style, hahahahaha.

Updated : I have done watching this drama and I feel want to strangle the writer and those who involve making this drama exclude the actors/actresses. It finished at Ep 32 but the ending such horrible worse than sad and open ending because there is no ending yet. I haven’t see things I want such fight between Qi Bai Cao and Fang Ting Yi, Ruo Bai and Bai Cao relationship, etc. They said it will be continued next year in second season and I just like (rolling my eyes), are you sure to drag the story until next year?????


4 thoughts on “C-Drama: The Whirlwind Girls (旋风少女)

  1. I haven’t watched it yet. I’m not sure if I will either. Instead of the sports genre I am more into the fantasy. Though it does seem interesting. I like stubborn type female protagonists but I like it when she is smart to boot. Is Qi Bao Cao like this? If so I might give it a shot.

  2. Have you watched Oh My Ghostess? It’s my current addiction! Also, I just finished Mask and I liked it too. I’ll give Whirlwind Girls a shot as I need something now that Mask has finished.

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