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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 69


Chapter 69

A VIP at the Ye Household

 Halted! “Third Young Master,Third Young Master you were here?”Lu Qun was surprised to see Ye Che standing beside Long Mo Er. Her eyes wandered and saw their hands entwined, her Miss noticed her looking eyes and stood up.

“I got up early and decided to come see her.” Ye Che said with indifference.

Hearing Ye Che’s answer Long Mo Er could not understand why her heart felt uncomfortable. Ye Che said those words to protect her but why do those words make her feel sad?

“Sister Wan Er, I came to see you! Sister Wan Er? Are you up yet?” Gu Na Yan’s voice could be heard throughout the house.

Hearing the excitement in Gu Na Yan’s voice made Ye Che frown slightly, he inched closer to Long Mo Er and whispered to her ear, “Mo Er, don’t let him get too close or better yet, don’t speak to him. Understand?” Ye Che did not want a repeat of what went on between Gu Na Yan and Long Mo Er at the lake. Ye Che wanted to hit Gu Na Yan for the first time. It was too early in the morning to be looking for Mo Er; now Gu Na Yan has dampened the intimate moment he and Mo Er was having.

“Ah?” Long Mo Er did not understand the meaning of what Ye Che said. Did the “he” Ye Che was referring to Big Brother Na Yan? Don’t allow him to be close and ignore him? Wasn’t he and Ye Che close? Ye Che wants her to be mean. But, why? They’ve grown to become good friends, haven’t they? Did they have an argument lately?

“Let’s go and see what he wants.” Ye Che became very depressed at Mo Er’s enthusiasm over Gu Na Yan. Ye Che’s face felt and looked very uncomfortable as he took Long Mo Er’s hand to walk with her to the outbuildings; He didn’t give her any opportunity to ask questions.

“Sister Wan Er, I haven’t seen you for just a few days yet you’ve grown more and more beautiful. This brother has missed you so!” Gu Na Yan said as Long Mo Er entered the room completely ignoring Ye Che and opened his arms to give her a hug.

Seeing that Gu Na Yan was about to give Long Mo Er a hug, he quickly pulled her closer and Gu Na Yan’s arms fell on empty air.

Puzzled, Long Mo Er looked up to see Ye Che’s beautiful chin and his arms around her.

Mu Rong Ji Zi who came along with Ye Yu, saw Ye Che’s actions towards Gu Na Yan, smiled at each other. As if speaking with her eyes, he said, “It seems you’re right. Ye Che really likes Wan Er.”

“Che, what do you think you’re doing?” Gu Na Yan asked while looking at Ye Che.

“Don’t touch her.” Ye Che said in a small voice but everyone heard.

“Che, you’re so stingy!” “Ye Che, what are you saying? How can you be so rude to Big Brother Na Yan?”Gu Na Yan and Long Mo Er’s voices rang.

Ye Yu and Mu Rong Ji Zi looked at the scene as if watching a play; they were staying in the sidelines, not intending to join the debate.

“What are you even doing here?” Ye Che ignored their questions and looked with annoyance at Gu Na Yan.

“I’m ignoring you. I don’t want to talk to you right now.” Gu Na Yan said bluntly.

“Big Brother Na Yan, Ye Che didn’t get to rest well last night that’s why he’s grumpy. Don’t be mad at him, Okay?” Long Mo Er worriedly said to Gu Na Yan. Long Mo Er doen’t know why Ye Che’s temper is acting up but she can’t ignore Big Brother Na Yan just because Ye Che’s having a fit. After all, it isn’t worth it for Ye Che to lose Big Brother Na Yan who was such a good friend.


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