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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 70

Chapter 70

See through Ye Ruo Xuan

“Didn’t have a good sleep yesterday? How could Sister Wan Er knows it?” Mu Rong Ji Zi couldn’t help herself to ask after she heard Long Mo Er, so she asked her directly.

It just happen that she and Ye Yan went to study room to find Ye Che, the bed inside the study room was still so tidy, untouchable and alike yesterday. It appears that Ye Che wasn’t sleep at study room last night. And now, Ye Che happen to pop out in here, moreover Wan Er has spoken so warmly. Did Wan Er really do as what she said before, asking Ye Che to sleep at her room?

“ah! This…..” Long Mo Er doesn’t know how to answer when she is being asked.

“Big sister in law, yesterday I had checked the account book, feeling little bit dizzy, of course I didn’t have enough rest!” said Ye Che.

“Oh, so that why!” seeing from their reaction, of course Mu Rong Ji Zi not easy believes on both of them. But, she remembered what Ye Yan has told her before. Feeling is about two people matters, the outsider could not intervene. If she is trying to expose their lies, it would only ruin all the good things.

“Sister Ruo Xuan, why you also come this early?” since only Long Mo Er and Ye Che who are facing at the front door, while Ye Che is busy dealing with Mu Rong Ji Zi, it only Long Mo Er who realized others figure outside the door.

“Big Brother, Big sister in law, Third brother, Third sister in law, I heard that Big brother Na Yan is also coming, so that I come to see.” There is slightly pinkish in Ye Ruo Xuan’s face. She is walking inside the room, awkwardly standing beside Long Mo Er.

“Ruo Xuan, it has been a while, you are still so beautiful!” Gu Na Yan always be smooth-talker with everyone he meets.

“Brother Na Yan stops joking!”

“Ye Che, this is the first time there are many of people coming into my place, so crowded!” Long Mo Er smiles, her face showed how happy she is to Ye Che who is standing beside her.

“Sister Wan Er, if you really like this atmosphere, in the future I will frequently coming to visit you!” said Gu Na Yan.

“It’s good to hear!” Replied Long Mo Er happily.

This time, Ye Che seems not have any objection to see Gu Na Yan get closer to Long Mo Er, if Gu Na Yan really able to make Long Mo Er smile this happy, Ye Che feels so happy too! Only by seeing her smiling and happiness expression, it more than enough satisfied his feeling.

“He he he, everyone has got up so early, still hasn’t eat breakfast! Let’s walk to the big hall, I will ask butler Jiang to prepare food, everyone sits to have chat. Don’t just stand here! Na Yan tell us what was interesting things happen this time when you were travelled, let’s us to hear.” Mu Rong Ji Zi smiled.

“Hm, everyone hasn’t breakfast, let’s us have the breakfast together!” Ye Yan said.

“Really match, wife sings and followed by husband! Big brother and big sister in law are really lovely!” Gu Na Yan said.

“So what? Are you jealous? Why don’t you find someone you loved and then you would be able like us!” Mu Rong Ji Zi uses her elbow to poke Gu Na Yan’s chest.

“Brother Na Yan, are you okay?” Seeing how serious Mu Rong Ji Zi pokes Gu Na Yan, Ye Ruo Xuan worries asked.

Could not resist, Mu Rong Ji Zi said: “Aiya! Ruo Xuan, you rest assured, he won’t die.”

“O.” Ye Ruo Xuan realized that she had responded too exaggerate, feeling embarrassed, she lower her head.

Long Mo Er sees how that little girl act, she audacious make a guess that Ruo Xuan likes Gu Na Yan.

After she makes conclusion on her heart, Long Mo Er feels so much excited, she wants to ask Ye Che to confirm but she knows this atmosphere, this place and the moment isn’t in right time. She will let the nature take its course, and taking this opportunity to observe more about Ye Ruo Xuan and Gu Na Yan.


7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 70

  1. Thank you for the update!!! 😄
    this chapter is really heart warming ☺️
    oh~ I wonder if ruo xuan and gu na yan are going to end up together 😊

  2. The past chapters are too sweet. Can’t wait for the drama and angst to unfold~ Will it be on next chapter? LOL.

    Cause I think only when something bad or sad happens, the OTP progresses.

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