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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.5

This part will talking little bit about Han Yue Yi childhood. Little description about his father, his mother and third party in his parent relationship.

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

Translated by Azurro

Chapter 9
Part 5 (Five)

In here, this is a place of Han’s household, a villa that belongs to Han.

A tall and thin figure is standing on the top of hill not far from Han’s villa. He has been looking that place for one night but he still hasn’t decided how long he will be still standing there.

Even though this is his first time come to this place, but he is so familiar with the place. He dreamt of this place before. The scenery, the villa’s exterior appearance, even the interior of the villa, he had dreamt it all.

Although many years have passed, he never felt the time really flew, as if all the conversation in the dream was like yesterday.

The telescope actually can’t see the entire villa even if the villa isn’t protected, or simply to say there is no strict measure of protection.

No matter what will happen, tonight, he won’t let the devil go easily!

Fire! Such fierce fire!

Everything is surrounded by fire! A little boy felt that his body was carried up and then using all his effort to push the fire out.


His body crashed with hard ground, his back was extremely in pain.

He looked up and saw his father holding his mother’s dead body and walking inside the sea of flames.

His mother’s chest was stabbed by a fruit knife; he knew that knife was stabbed by his mom herself, because by doing so his mother knew very well she would be able to leave his father completely.

Mother was always begging father to let her go, let her go and continue her new life, but father could not do so because he not able to let go anymore.

Love sickness——– was the word that his father used to say so many times. His feeling to mother exceed “love”, this word, his feeling was more similar to crazy love sickness.

So what type of feeling is it? That little boy didn’t know. He was only able to see his mother helplessly stare and his father’s determination.

“Meng, I am not able to let go anymore, so that I prohibit you from letting go too.” Father hugged mother, lowered his head and gently said.

Mother was barely able to breathe, she lost so much blood her face turned pale.

“Father, let us send mother to hospital, hurry!” the little boy noisily said.

Father ignored him; he was gently stroking mother’s hair, as if managing to tidy his mother’s appearance.

“Yue Yi…. So…sorry….” Mother’s hand which was stained with blood stroked his face with shaking hands, “I will not able…. see you grow up, really…. Sorry.”

“Why are you leaving father? Why do you only like Jie Nie uncle? Father and I are your real family, people who truly love you, aren’t we?” that little boy asked, able to feel the blood was getting more on his face.

“Feeling isn’t… isn’t something that simple, say so clearly, perhaps…. keke (cough voice)….perhaps when you grow up in the future, you will understand….” Mother continued, “Promise me, don’t…. don’t hate anyone…”

“No, I hate Jie Nie uncle!” If not because that man, our family won’t be broken into pieces like now.

“Is it? you….hate…..”mother hand became colder, her eyes slowly closed, “so… no matter…. In the future, you should spare him three times… only three times…” She hoped all the hatred could follow her to leave this world.

Mother’s hand slowly fell to ground, father hugged mother’s body and walked in the fire’s direction. Father’s face did not showed any grief, it only showed crazy happiness.

“Meng, finally you belong to me, even if you are dead, we will always together!”

“No!” The child opened his eyes and tried to stop him, but was pushed by father to the yard.

“Yue Yi, don’t try to stop me!”Father turned his back and shouted at him, “You are my child, my heir that carries my bloodline, my persistence. In the future you will be able to understand my feeling—–this is a kind of incomparable happiness and joy.”

This part explains little bit why Han Yue Yi could possess such scary character, Genes… yeah it takes part but environment and family are the most important and has huge influence to the child growth. For me either his father or mother, both of them are too selfish and irresponsible. No matter what the reason, at the last, child always be the victim.


6 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.5

  1. Thanks for the translation. I don’t think is gene. Between his mom and dad…I think it is sad that he got exposed to this kind of sick behaviour from his father who loved too deeply, it became not healthy. YY learnt the sick behaviour from his father. I don’t know, not much to perceive from what kind of upbringing he had.

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